Greece: a nation of contrasts and the promise of its youth
May 27, 2024

Greece: a nation of contrasts and the promise of its youth

Squeezed on the faultline between Europe and Asia, Greece is a country brimming with beautiful history and unique natural scenery. In the past decades, however, the country has experienced severe problems, including an unproductive government and an imperfect educational system, which have further distanced it from progressive countries. These barriers have made Greece a very peculiar country. Thus, the puzzling question that so many ask is how we can recover our country.

Nevertheless, local youth still have a grain of optimism left in their hearts. Throughout this time, the citizens of Greece seemed to retain a desire for positive change at their core. This was the flame that ignited me, Dimitri, into choosing to work with young people in Greece and the European Union.

I feel obliged to encourage other young people to tap into their potential and do something good for society. The YEA programme has helped me develop undiscovered skills, and this is where I first found the foundation on which I can start acting and transforming through my actions.

Through my participation in the YEAs, I became a part of a greater community that was tackling similar obstacles. Here, the shared knowledge about the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries was gathered, and local events across Greece were organised. Among the activities I was involved in at my school, there was one event where I presented the European Union, the Eastern Partnership countries, and the YEA action plan in front of my schoolmates and friends.

My goal was to boost awareness among children in areas with limited classroom coverage. Thus, every student’s participation in such events was crucial. These events provided students with an opportunity to expand their perspectives, develop critical thinking skills, and share their opinions on contemporary issues.

On 22 February, I had the opportunity to organise a significant event that was attended by over 300 students from grades 7 to 11. Along with me, YEA colleagues Achilleas Tsigris, Christos Tsetsenes, and Maria Pia Napoletano presented on the European Union, the Eastern Partnership countries, and the YEA programme.

The enthusiasm of the participants was beyond imagination. The spirit of both teachers and students was exceptional. We received lots of compliments from the people in the audience for the quality of our presentation and the value they gained from the information we provided. This strengthened our self-belief and commitment to the cause, pushing us to grow step by step.

In addition, our team is also very enthusiastic about our future objective. We plan to provide local spaces and resources to youth, educate them with a wide range of information, and encourage societal change. We contend that by providing Greece and the EU with young, aspiring individuals, we are ensuring a bright future for everyone.

Greece’s problems are profound and challenging to resolve because they are very diverse, but the young generation of the country is indeed a source of hope. They are the wind beneath the wing that brings the hope and the will to move forward. With this attitude, they can be a driving force for a better future. The task we aspire to carry out is to invest in people’s lives by giving them the resources and information they need; hence, we are in a position to make a difference in the history of this nation and the world at large.

The future shape of Greece can be traced in the faces of its youth. By allocating funds for their education, providing a conducive environment for their development, and fostering a sense of patriotism, we want to help the state to be prosperous and just to its citizens. Greece can get through its hardships if the youth leads today, but this will only happen if the young generation shows hope and strives for prosperity.

Yet, we must remember that the problems the Greeks are facing are far from ordinary. The economy continues to be in crisis, which includes economic imbalance, political chaos, and ecological doom. Nevertheless, it is through partnership and sharing of responsibilities that we shall find the answers to these problems, and in due process, we shall be in a position to create a better and new future for everyone.

Let us take a look at one of the leading players: the European Union. With its priority on democracy, human rights, and sustainable development, the EU can play a vital role in helping Greece and other member states handle such issues. Through collaboration, we can work towards the formation of a prosperous and fair society that will be favourable to all members of society.

The young people of Greece play a pivotal role in shaping the national and European path and are among the leading players in the future of both Greece and the European Union. By enriching society through their care for science, technology, and art, they can improve their nation and shape its fate for the benefit of the next generations.

Greece is facing two major issues – an ageing population and an emigration crisis. The country’s economy and social services are under severe pressure from a falling birth rate. Climate change is a critical issue. The country is experiencing extreme weather conditions, with frequent and ever-more intense heat waves, droughts, and wildfires. To solve this problem, it is crucial for the younger generation in Greece to take action and play a vital role in managing the environment sustainably. They can do this by implementing sustainable practices and actively working towards climate action.

Financial investment is not the only way to turn young people in Greece into role models for their community, there are many other resources available, such as healthcare, education, food, and jobs, that can give them a bright future. Providing opportunities for students to learn and develop is essential. Communities can offer educational institutions, healthcare systems, and social services to help these young people to grow. It also creates opportunities for them to participate in leadership roles, make decisions, and have their voices heard by the public.

Investing in Greece’s youth and guiding them towards success offers hope for a prosperous future. The country’s workforce is the foundation, and they deserve the opportunities to reach their full potential.

It is essential to understand that Greek youth is not a homogeneous group, as each individual possesses unique personal characteristics, and experiences of life and work. Therefore, to cater to the needs of young people, we must create specific programmes and initiatives that address their individual needs directly.

Greece could secure a promising future for itself and the EU by fostering a supportive environment for its youth and their aspirations. The strength of Greece lies in its youth, and its ability to manage these strengths for better and future development lies in the careful planning of national development strategies that should keep youth at the centre.

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