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The EU offers unique opportunities for young people across the Eastern partner countries, whether you are at school or university, a youth worker, volunteer or civil society activist, in training or looking for work.

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Erasmus+ is the EU's flagship programme to support education, training and youth. It has allowed thousands of young people to study in another European country or take part in youth exchanges. Participants speak of the positive ‘Erasmus effect’ on their self-confidence, personal development, and world view. Find out how you can take part in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

There are many other EU programmes and initiatives which develop career prospects and provide a range of study and travel opportunities for young people in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

While being young is all about opportunity and change, it can also bring on feelings of anxiety, loneliness, fear and anger. Here are some tips to support your well-being and those around you, during your studies and new adventures.

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EU opportunities can help you develop vocational skills, break out into digital, or learn how to cost a business plan. Tap in to mentorship for your start-up or community, access funding to set up, grow, employ and empower others. Or gain invaluable soft skills through youth exchanges or volunteering, which can transform your outlook and career.

Find out more about the opportunities you can access in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

EU support for young people goes far beyond clearly-labelled ‘youth’ opportunities, extending across all the areas of partnership.

In an age of fake news and information war, the EU is working through its EUvsDisinfo initiative to increase public awareness of disinformation, and to help citizens develop resistance to digital information and media manipulation.

The EU promotes entrepreneurs, empowerment, training, skills and jobs through a wide range of academic, civic, cultural, and professional exchanges, initiatives and opportunities as part of its support for its Eastern partners.

Find out how the EU is supporting Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine across the full range of cooperation and partnership.

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Formal learning and career development is only half the story: beneficiaries and alumni of EU youth projects all speak of the connections they have made, the friendships, the networks, the contacts they have kept many years down the line. Together, learning and connection offer a unique path to growth.

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The Young European Ambassador network is a great way to connect with like-minded people. You can develop skills and new friendships with young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, the EU and the UK.

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Twelve adventurers, from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, unite for an extraordinary mission to explore the European Union. Two cities: Riga and Prague. Twelve challenging quests to conquer the mission. Hidden EU wonders, new connections, and thrilling stories await. Follow their adventures!


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