Glass Globe

A comic book about renewable energy

Ozzy Energy


Hamster Ozzy is the leading character of The Glass Globe, a story about renewable energy. He’s not only irresistibly adorable but also very smart and passionate about saving the planet.

New Adventures

Ozzy and friends start a new journey to save the planet - this time, with the help of natural energy sources like sun, wind and water.

Leah is preparing for the upcoming science fair to present her latest invention:

a glass globe that shows the weather outside when connected to the weather app.

Luna has a new hobby - knitting cute sweaters for Ozzy. Neither Leah nor Ozzy himself are thrilled by this.

Max and Danny started a school club to educate their friends on ways to save energy. They also manage a popular InstaDrum account where they make viral videos about energy - featuring Ozzy.

After finally finishing her project, Leah falls asleep in her room. 

The next morning, however, things take an unexpected turn...

Ozzy is causing trouble - he somehow slipped into the glass globe!

While trying to get out, he presses a random button, causing the globe to reset and show the weather of THE FUTURE.

And it doesn’t look very promising.

Our friends decide to act immediately.

Alarmed by what they saw in the glass globe, the kids try to reach Professor Slate in his lab, hoping that he can once again help them save the planet before it’s too late.

Will Ozzy and his friends succeed on their important mission?

What will happen next?

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Glass Globe: Ozzy's New Adventures


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Learn about the tools our heroes will need to succeed:

Solar Energy (Sun)

Solar panels convert the sun's energy into electricity. Depending on the amount of sunlight and the size of the panel, electricity generated by it can be used to power anything from cell phones to entire houses, or be stored in batteries for later.

Similar to panels, solar collectors also transform the Sun’s energy. The only difference is that collectors turn this energy into heat, instead of electricity.

Wind Energy

A wind power station is a group of wind turbines placed in the same location to produce electricity.

Hydro Energy (Water)

A small hydropower plant produces up to 100 KW of electricity by using only flowing streams or water flow. The electricity from these systems can be used to power isolated homes or entire communities


The story of Ozzy and his four friends takes the reader into a world where the only villains are lack of knowledge and mistrust. 

In their last adventure, our heroes taught the whole town an important lesson - the world changes for the better when people work together. By uniting around a common goal and spreading the word on smarter ways to use energy, the kids managed to save their hometown. 

Luna & Lena

Leah is a tech geek - always thinking, sketching and coming up with new ways to use technology. She takes care of Ozzy together with her younger sister Luna, who sometimes (only sometimes) annoys her.

Max & Danny

Enemies turned friends, were brought together by a common cause. Together, they run a school club and a popular social media account about better ways to use energy.

Professor Slate & Gadget Tales

Professor Slate is a scientist who has dedicated his life to finding smarter ways of using energy. His younger brother and brilliant engineer, Gadget Tales, helps Slate turn his vision into reality by building devices that run on natural energy sources, causing no harm to the environment.

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Glass Globe: Ozzy's New Adventures

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