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Keep calm and eat the vegetables

Cooking lots of vegetarian meals is a fantastic way to improve our sustainable lifestyle. Why not do so while learning more about the cuisines and cultures of the countries of the Eastern Partnership? In this cookbook, Young European Ambassadors have brought together a variety of recipes from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to help you #GoVeg.

The Recipes

Armenian Pasuts Tolma

Tolma are made year-round, and there is a festival dedicated to variations of the dish, which started in 2011 . Pasuts Tolma is specifically made for fasting, and bigger than other variations of tolma. Read the recipe.

Armenian Zhingyalov Hats

Zhingyalov hats are made during Lent festivities. The dish is a delicious flatbread stuffed with a variety of greens. It's best to include mild tasting greens to enhance the taste of your main greens, such as spinach or cilantro! Watch the video and read the recipe.

Azerbaijani Sirdagh

Azerbaijani Badimjan Sirdagh, an aubergine-based dish, is bound to make your friends jealous! Originating from the south-west of Azerbaijan, this dish is particularly popular in the Lankaran region. Watch the video and read the recipe.

Azerbaijani Pomidor chighirtmasi

On the hunt for a new staple breakfast food? Then look no further than this Azerbaijani classic! Pomidor chighirtmasi will definitely make sure you start your day right. Read the recipe.

Belarusian Draniki

These potato pancakes are the perfect comfort food, and a Belarusian staple which was made popular in the nineteenth century. The word ‘draniki’ comes from old Belarusian, meaning ‘rubbing’. Make these when hosting your friends for a dinner party! Watch the video and read the recipe.

Belarusian Mushroom-Filled Potato Zrazy

Normally made with meat, the vegetarian alternative to these classic potato dumplings is bound to make your mouth water. A perfect autumn meal that is sure to help you manage the colder weather! Read the recipe.

Georgian Pkhali

Georgia is known for its hearty meals such as cheesy khachapuri, so why not try making some Spinach and Walnut Pkhali during the summer months? Serve it with pomegranate seeds or lettuce for the perfect summer meal. Read the recipe.

Moldovan Mămăligă

Mămăligă is a core part of Moldovan cuisine, often a substitute for bread. Each family has its own twist on the hearty meal. However, Mămăligă hasn’t always been made with cornflour, only introduced to Europe in the 16th century. Instead, it was made with millet flour! Read the recipe.

Ukrainian Varenyky

Varenyky are a staple of Ukrainian culture and folklore. The shape of these tasty dumplings is meant to resemble the new moon, and they were often eaten during the harvest. Now, they are often made for Christmas and New Year, with the filling kept as a surprise for all the guests! Watch the video and read the recipe.

Read the full recipe here and watch Lilit making zhingyalov hats:

Read the full recipe here. Watch Rafael and Gulshan making sirdagh:

Read the full recipe here. Watch Irina and Darya making draniki:

Read the full recipe here.

Read the full recipe here.

Read the full recipe here. Watch Ariel and Nataliia making varenyky:

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