A Day in the Series of Weekly Adventures at EuroClub Kvareli

A Day in the Series of Weekly Adventures at EuroClub Kvareli

October 21, 2021

Have you ever wanted to take part in discussions about various topics? Watch movies with your peers, which convey important messages? Or have a space where you can engage with like-minded individuals once a week? EuroClub Kvareli, a youth organization, founded with the support of the EU NEIGHBOURS east project in 2019 in Kvareli, offers all that and more within its ongoing project ‘’Activism Movie Club’’. For several weeks now, EuroClub Kvareli, with the financial support of Open Society Georgia Foundation, has been holding weekly meetings, which included movie screenings followed by interesting discussions of the main topics. 

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Photo credit: EuroClub Kvareli

On September 25, the sixth meeting of the club was held on the topic of Civil Resistances in Georgia in the 20th century. With historian Irakli Khvadagiani in the lead, interested members of the community, as well as several YEAs from Georgia had the opportunity to participate in the discussion. We talked about how and why it is crucial to have a general knowledge of the history of civil resistances in Georgia and how that exact part of our past is relevant to our present and the future.

Comparing, judging and developing an understanding of diverse practices and experiences are useful skills, that this club is determined to help its members to acquire. I always enjoyed how a discussion of one topic led to another imperative conversation, and this meeting touched on some major ones: how today’s civil resistances differ from those in the past, what are the key factors of that contrast. It is easier to organize such events today but do they have the impact they once had? These are only some of the questions asked and answered during this meeting. I recall a part of our talk about why the majority of society standing up to do something consists of youth. There were some unusual responses and ideas. One that I consider true is that adults, elder people have had that kind of experience already, in addition to having families, which rely on them, and not enough time to pursue everything they believe in. I know this is one of the reasons, however, I do not think it justifies being a passive citizen. Then again, I represent the youth of our country, who consider it their responsibility to do something about everything. I guess that is how it is- once leaders of civil resistances, people who we looked up to, have now put their faith in us, to make changes for the better.


Photo credit: EuroClub Kvareli

Engaging audience in a discussion is not easy, especially when it is diverse in the sense of age, interest and experience. However, we had a different scenario. Despite all of the differences mentioned above, the guest speaker and we were able to turn this lecture into a friendly conversation, a place where questions are answered and contradictory opinions are well received. That is why I highly recommend taking part in this and similar activities the EU and this initiative have to offer, to gain valuable experience and create wonderful memories.

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