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When your loved ones are unhappy, it is difficult to be happy yourself. Nothing warms the soul more than a beaming smile on the faces of those who are happy. The concept of a family has a purely personal meaning for each person. Simply put, a family is a community created when you give birth. The most different families are all the same in one aspect: their relationships, their environment, are key factors in the huge life influence that the family will have on the development of each individual.

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About Ilkin Yagubov

Ilkin Yagubov was born in 1977 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He graduated from the State University of Culture and Art (1998-2002). “My first acquaintance with photography started when I was around 10 years old, when my father gave me a Zenit camera,” Ilkin says. “At that time, I was fascinated by photography and even took part in a photography course at the House of the Pioneer. I started photographing in greater depth 12 years ago. I’m not doing commercial photography, but focusing on personal projects. One of them is dedicated to the pigeon keepers, a project on which I have been working for around ten years, and from which I made a self-published book. My childhood spent on the Absheron Peninsula influenced my perception of the world and left a distinct imprint.” Books by Ilkin Yagubov include: Square (2014), Reflection of self (2018) and Looking into the sky (2019).