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My name is Ekaterine and I consider myself a lucky person because I have a twin. She is 10 minutes older than me. Growing up with her was funny and helped me in a lot of ways. We shared interests and experiences, even had similar dreams at night. Alongside her, I never lost interest in life: always full of magic and surprises. We were best friends and had each other wherever we went. We knew we could count on each other. I clearly remember moments from our early childhood when both of us wanted the same things, dressed in the same way, and later in life demonstrating sympathy towards the same groups of people. I equally recall moments of confusion and uncertainty. Even today, some questions remain: “How does it feel to be an identical twin?” followed by “Do you enjoy it?” or “Can you feel the same things when your sister is not around, are we telepathic?". We got these questions a lot and the answer was always the same: “No, we are not telepathic, but we feel and understand each other with a single look.”

This project is my attempt to visualise particular moments from early childhood, those scenes which serve as the reminder of the two identities I keep shifting between - one I shared with my sister, and the other I enjoyed on my own. This work is about an endless quest for self-discovery while growing up with my twin sister. The story of our very private shared experiences as twins, and the other within a wider context of family. The location is our until recently abandoned village house, a place I identify with an idea of shelter. The project idea was born out of the desire to archive family traditions and remember objects, places, and people who were no longer with us and which shape who I am today.

“Morning Comes Too Soon” is a dialogue between me and my twin sister. Different periods of time and locations set the background for the strong physical and emotional connection we developed with those surroundings. The real world is transferred and visualised by the idea of the relationships and emotions which constitute it, such as affection, melancholy, anger, and solitude.

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About Ekaterine Kolesnikova

Ekaterine Kolesnikova is a visual storyteller and image-maker from Tbilisi, Georgia. She is self-taught, and has never had a real chance to study visual arts or photography. "My work is a constant search for the best way to demonstrate and interpret the thoughts and ideas I have about the world I live in, but also myself,” Ekaterine says. “Though I consider my work as a combination of documentary and fine art photographic practices, I prefer not to limit myself to one medium, genre, style, or concept. Any artistic process is and should be open to change and evolution. For me, photographs are not just a visual depiction. Images tell a story, supply us with visual references, and report on current issues. They can also turn our small dreams into big ones." 

Ekaterine’s works have been published several times on the award-winning platform Chai Khana, on The Journal photography collective, and in KÖRPER Magazine, among others. In 2021, she participated in a duo exhibition, "Désert Mauve", at La Chambrée, Rennes, France along with a French photographer. Ekaterine was fortunate to be selected among other nominees for the 2021 edition of the Canon Student Development Programme. During Fotofestiwal Lodz in 2022, Ekaterine was among 20 selected artists to take part in Photo Match, Lodz, Poland.