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Harnessing the CSOs’ Potential to Promote and Develop the Social Entrepreneurship in Moldova

Project Description
Starting with January 1, 2022, the East Europe Foundation and its partners, the Keystone Moldova and Contact Center implements the project "Harnessing the potential of CSOs to promote and develop the social entrepreneurship in Moldova". The 36-months project aims to empower Moldovan CSOs to engage in creation of social enterprises which will contribute to sustainable economic growth of communities. The project is proposing a strong capacity building program, especially on business and financial management both for social enterprises, and for regional social business hubs which will further guide the social enterprises. Additionally, with project support CSOs will empower disadvantaged people (youth, persons with special needs, returned migrants, Roma minority, elderly, etc.) to be socially and economically included in labour market and it will be created a favourable ecosystem for the development of social enterprises through access to professional consultations at regional level and raised awareness through nationwide media campaign regarding social entrepreneurship.

EEF will focus on overall coordination and sub-granting components. Contact Centre will be responsible for capacity building of CSOs, and Keystone Moldova will focus on conducting the KAP research and elaboration of the methodology for impact measurement of social enterprises.
The project entails four interlinked components: KAP research for understanding the local and national context, setting up 4 Regional Social Business Hubs, creation or development of 15 Social Enterprises and education for social business.
Specific Objective
- Assessing the national context barriers for revealing the development of social enterprises and exploring new interventions plans for facilitation of social entrepreneurship’ evolution in the Republic of Moldova.
- Implementation of Regional Social Business Hubs of new complex approaches for sustainable development of social enterprises by means of offline and online coaching, mentorship, coordination and knowledge sharing, facilitating networking and exchange of experience, e-learning platforms, business intelligent solutions, digital solutions and e-commerce.
- Creating better economic and social opportunities for disadvantaged people through creating social enterprises based on small grant scheme.
- Increase awareness about the role of social enterprises in community development through educational and promotional campaigns.
Expected Results
- One conducted research (KAP) for assessing knowledge, attitudes and behaviour barriers of the general population and Local Public Authorities which hinder social entrepreneurship development in the Republic of Moldova, as well the level of population’s readiness to invest in the development of social enterprises.
- One Developed communication strategy and action plans for changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.
- Disseminated nationwide of the research’ results.
- Set up 4 Regional Social Business Hubs for providing consultancy to social enterprises.
- Strengthened capacities and sustainability of 4 Regional Social Business Hubs (RSBH) in offering consultancy to social enterprises.
- At least 4 Business Hubs provide assistance and guidance to social enterprises all over the country, including those 15 social enterprises created within the project.
- At least 4 networking visits organized at each RSBH.
- At least 4 advocacy campaigns implemented by Regional Social Business Hubs for development of social entrepreneurship.
- At least 15 sustainable Social Enterprises created/developed within the project.
- At least 15 Social Enterprises have improved their internal management and become more visible at the local and regional level.
- At least 15 social enterprises’ products are sold online on the national marketplace.
- A number of 40 persons from disadvantaged categories have been employed within the social enterprises.
- A number of 300 disadvantaged persons benefitted from social enterprises’ activities.
- Five CSOs have been capacitated in working to promote the social entrepreneurship concept at the local and regional level.
- At least 5 raising awareness campaigns conducted at the regional level for the promotion of social effects and the role of social enterprises in society.
- One national media campaign conducted to change knowledge and attitudes of the general population regarding social entrepreneurship.
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