Прием заявок: Активисты для международного проекта “Культура для местного развития”
11 февраля, 2017

Прием заявок: Активисты для международного проекта “Культура для местного развития”


The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, acting under its flagship brand Culture.pl, and the European Solidarity Centre are pleased to invite young cultural managers from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine to participate in the second edition of the international project “Culture for Local Development”.

We address our project to activists, who:
• focus on local communities and see culture as a tool for introducing social change,
• want to add international dimension to their work,
• want to gain new skills to strengthen their local creative activities.

In March 2017, the first stage of the project will take place in KyivYerevan and Minsk. Selected candidates will take part in a series of intense workshops led by an experienced mentor. We will focus on deepening their knowledge of socio-cultural project management and broadening their ability to use international cooperation to develop local projects.

The authors of the most promising project proposals will be invited to take part in the second stage of the project – the Summer School. The Summer School will take place in Poland (Lublin and Gdansk) from the 29th of July to the 7th of August 2017. The programme comprises workshops as well as study visits to Polish cultural and civic institutions. These activities will allow the participants to develop project proposals created during the first stage. Young cultural managers will also have a chance to start cooperation with their colleagues from ArmeniaBelarusGeorgiaUkraine and Poland. The participants of the Summer School might receive a financial support from the organisers to implement their projects.

The working language of the project is English, which means that all activities will be conducted in English.

Dates of the first stage of workshops:

• Ukraine (for participants from Ukraine): 3-5 March 2017
• Armenia (for participants from Armenia and Georgia): 10–12 March 2017
• Belarus (for participants from Belarus): 17–19 March 2017

Project’s local partners:
Port Creative Hub (Ukraine)
Armenian Progressive Youth (Armenia)
Gallery TUT.BY (Belarus)

Application Process
Would you like to participate? Please submit your application (in English) by filling in the online form: http://bit.ly/2kpp03E
Deadline for submitting the applications: 16th February, 2017
Selection results will be announced by 18th of February (e-mails will be sent to each applicant).
If necessary, the organisers may provide the accommodation for participants who live outside of Kyiv, Yerevan and Minsk. Participants will have to cover travelling costs by themselves.
Travel and accommodation costs of the Summer School’s participants will be covered by the organisers.
If you have any questions, please, contact us: [email protected]



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