Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man-made disasters in Eastern Partnership countries – phase 3 (PPRD East 3)

The PPRD East programme, initiated in 2010 under the EU Eastern Partnership policy initiative, has the purpose to strengthen disaster risk reduction and crises management in the Eastern Partnership countries and to promote regional cooperation with the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The 3rd phase of the programme is now ongoing and will be implemented during the years 2020–2024. The target group are civil protection authorities and key ministries, other relevant public sector stakeholders, the scientific community, civil society and the private sector.

The programme is designed to maximise impact in each partner country, by responding to the national needs and capacities and promotes mutual learning, sharing of experiences and best practices among the partner countries and with EU member states. The programme ensures that the cross-cutting issues gender, environment and human rights, are integrated in the programme implementation, to enhance its impact, sustainability and relevance.

Thematically the programme focuses on eight tightly linked and mutually reinforcing Work Packages (WP); Capacity Development, Knowledge Transfer, Emergency Preparedness, Civil Protection Agency Development, All of society-inclusive civil protection development, Regional Cooperation, Early Warning Systems, Risk Management Capabilities.

The programme takes a comprehensive approach towards capacity development, where active partnership and ownership are key principals for the implementation.
Конкретные цели
- Building sustainable capacities of the partner countries' respective civil protection institutions for disaster risk prevention, preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters.
- Strengthening interlinkages between all relevant governmental actors and civil society stakeholders, as well as the scientific community, promoting a national inclusive approach to prevention, preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters.
- Enhancing regional coordination, institutional and operational cooperation between the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and the Eastern Neighbourhood countries, as well as among the Eastern Neighbourhood countries themselves.
Ожидаемые результаты
- Civil protection actors are better trained and local training capacities are strengthened and interlinked with UCPM trainings.
- Civil protection authorities are well-equipped with knowledge required to apply European good practices and international standards for response capacities.
- Strengthen Emergency Preparedness capabilities in the Eastern Neighbourhood Partner Countries with specific focus on strengthening response planning at trans-boundary level.
- The network of national correspondents and operational 24/7 contact points for sharing early warning information is strengthened
- Stronger inter-institutional coordination between relevant ministries and agencies is achieved
- Awareness is raised about natural and man-made disasters among civil protection professionals, volunteers and the general public.
- Strengthen the engagement of civil society and academia in disaster prevention, preparedness and response in the Eastern Neighbourhood Partner Countries.
- Cooperation and exchange of good practices among neighbourhood countries and between neighbourhood countries and the Member States/Participating States of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism are enhanced regarding prevention, preparedness and response.
- Early-warning systems are improved with the support of the scientific community. Stronger national analytical capabilities, multi-risk assessments and planning covering both prevention and preparedness are developed.
- National capacities for Disaster Risk Assessment and production of Disaster Loss Data are strengthened.
Карта проекта
Фото галерея
Приоритетное направление:
Partnership that protects, Partnership that protects, Partnership that connects, Partnership that protects
Civil protection, Civil society, Digital (broadband, mobile, eGov, digital innovation, cyber), Civil protection
Civil protection, Eastern Partnership, Civil society, Cross-Border Cooperation, Environment, Human rights, Good government
Страны Восточного партнерства:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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