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I began developing a new series, "Roots”, after the start of the full-scale invasion. I continue the journey of discovering the inner self that I began in my previous series, "The Giant”.  All along the way in both projects, my family has become an integral part of the work, and the pieces of the puzzle that complete the painting of the research, as in one of my works, where I present a marriage rite. In "Roots", I think of myself on a different level, as a part and base of my own family, as part of a community, and I seek new associations of identity that will not be based solely on the concept of nation. I offer new images of ideology based on fantasy, where I reveal subconscious spiritual symbols and show how they are subtly sewn inside us. This selection is a combination of both closely related projects - “Roots” and "The Giant”.


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About Artem Humilevskyi

Artem Humilevskyi is a Ukrainian photographer, born in 1986, in Mykolaiv. He studied engineering at the Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies, after which he enrolled in the Department of Economics at Krok University. Since 2003, Artem has been a senior manager in an agrarian company. He got involved in commercial photography in 2019 and took a course at the MYPH School in the same year. He is a winner of the Global Peace Photo Award in 2022, and was also shortlisted in the “NIDA OFF” contest of the International Photography Symposium (2021) and the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2022, as well as being selected as a GUP/New Photography Talent 2022. His works have been presented at Miami Art Basel (2022), Helsinki Photo Festival (2022), Kunsthalle Hannover, Germany (2022) and others.