EU4Youth Alumni Network

The EU4Youth Alumni network brings together young beneficiaries of the EU4Youth, Erasmus+ Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps programmes, and the network of Young European Ambassadors from the Eastern partner countries. The network aims to mobilise the enthusiasm and voluntary spirit generated during their participation in non-formal education mobility programmes, to support a stronger engagement of disadvantaged young people from the partner countries, both in their community, and in EU mobility programmes.
Конкретні цілі
- To provide peer support and guidance for disadvantaged youth groups with the aim to engage them in the available projects under Erasmus+ Youth in Action, European Solidarity Corps and EU4Youth programmes;
- To provide the network members with continuous competence development in designing and implementing educational activities for young people;
- To promote EU values and the EU’s positive role in the Eastern Partner countries;
- To establish and develop sustainable links between disadvantaged young people and youth organisations in Eastern Partner countries.
Очікувані результати
At the initial stage in 2020-2021, the network united 70 young people, 10 from each of the Eastern partner countries and additional 10 Alumni from Russia. The activities included:
- Kick-off training courses: each selected member of the network took place in kick-off training courses for youth workers (6-day course) in Georgia or in Ukraine.
- Mentorship support: alumni were supported by professional youth workers – mentors during the training courses and during the first year of the Alumni network implementation. Mentors guided the Alumni in their learning process, as well as in the process of implementation of local initiatives for disadvantaged youth groups.
- Local initiatives for disadvantaged groups: each Alumnus was invited to develop a local initiative for the group of disadvantaged youth groups in their respective communities. For the implementation of the initiatives Alumni were paired with a fellow Alumnus, and received financial, administrative and mentor support for implementation of these initiatives for a period of nine months.
- Final evaluation event: in 2021, Alumni took part in the final evaluation event where they shared their achievements, learnings and findings with each other and with a wider audience.

The new Alumni network, launched in October 2021, unites around 90 young people, who continue the mission to support the stronger engagement of disadvantaged youth from their countries in their local communities and in EU mobility programmes.

This second phase of the EU4Youth Alumni Network will last until the end of 2023 and will consist of two cycles of ten months each.
Карта проекту
Пріоритетний напрям:
Partnership that empowers, Partnership that creates
Youth participation and leadership, Education, Research and Innovation
Youth, Education
Країни Східного партнерства:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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