EU4Youth: Youth Engagement and Empowerment

At the heart of building stronger, peaceful, and democratic societies lies the paramount importance of engaged and empowered young people. Acknowledging the substantial role they undertake as catalysts for change, young people stand as indispensable contributors in driving the realisation of the shared EU-Eastern Partnership (EaP) agenda.
This commitment to youth empowerment is at the forefront of EU4Youth phase IV, a component of the EU4Youth programme, which centers on 'Youth Engagement and Empowerment.'
The project aims to actively involve young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus , Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine in policy dialogue and decision-making process. It provides substantial capacity-building support to key stakeholders of the youth sector in the six countries and promotes networking, exchange, and mutual learning between key state and non-state actors within the EaP region and relevant peer organisations from the European Union.
Конкретні цілі
The primary goal of this initiative is to strengthen the impact of young people in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region on shaping policy outcomes.
1. Increase the capacity of youth organisations and public institutions to jointly implement more participatory and structured policy dialogue in the context of the EaP architecture as well as at the national level and at sub-national levels.
2. Improve the quality and outreach of youth work for mobilising and engaging more young people from remote / less advantaged and conflict-affected areas in the EaP region.
3. Strengthen the capacity of youth councils and youth organisations from the EaP region to carry out their mandate and enable them to design and implement innovative youth projects.
4. Develop and enhance the capacity of personnel from youth ministries, youth departments, agencies, and other relevant public institutions at all levels by training them on how to better involve youth in policy-making and how to develop evidence-based policies within certain sectors.
5. Provide small grants to promote collaboration between government and non-government organisations by funding information sessions, trainings, monitoring, and evaluation, research, and small-scale partnership projects.
Очікувані результати
1. Increased capacity of youth councils and representative youth organisations in the EaP region.
2. Enhanced adoption of effective youth participation practices in policy making.
3. Improved quality and effectiveness of youth project design and implementation, resulting in impactful outcomes.
4. Facilitated pilot projects by youth organisations at the sub-national level in the EaP region, focusing on innovative practices in three domains: climate change, inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, and tailored topics addressing each country's specific context.
5. Promoted networking, exchange, and mutual learning among young people on national and EaP level.
Карта проекту
EU4Youth: Youth Engagement and Empowerment
Пріоритетний напрям:
Partnership that empowers
Civil society, Dialogue, Eastern Partnership, Education, Good government, Youth
Країни Східного партнерства:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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