Women in Business (Phase II)

The action is designed to promote and support women entrepreneurship and more broadly women's participation in business by facilitating access to finance as well as non-financial business development services in the EaP countries. The programme consists of Dedicated credit lines for women, a first lost risk cover, and local currency interest rate subsidy for Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs). In addition, the programme will carry out capacity building to PFIs and business advice, training and networking activities for women entrepreneurs in the EaP countries.

Конкретные цели
The overall objective of the Programme is to stimulate the transition to more competitive and inclusive economies in the Eastern Partnership countries through a strengthened role of women-led MSMEs in the economy. In other words, it aims at ensuring that women entrepreneurs in these countries have a real and fair chance of success.

The specific objectives of the Programme are as follows:
i. Increased access to finance for women-led micro, small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs), including for first-time/start-up borrowers and borrowers based outside of main urban centres
ii. Diversified and deepened financial system through increased capacity of PFIs to serve the women entrepreneur segment
iii. Improve the availability and terms of long-term local currency funding for women-led businesses in the region by incentivising locally operating financial intermediaries to actively pursue funding to women-led MSMEs and increasing the overall long-term funding amounts that are lent to women-led MSMEs
iv. Increased access to know-how and business development expertise for women entrepreneurs, using in particular digital mechanisms to further increase the outreach
v. Increased skills and expanded networks for women entrepreneurs
Ожидаемые результаты
The Programme is expected to increase women entrepreneurs’ access to finance and know-how. In order to give the fullest picture of the impact, the results achieved under the Action will be reflected within a logical framework covering the Programme as a whole.
The Programme is expected to generate the following key results:
• EUR 50 000 000 of new EBRD financing made available to PFI;
• At least 13 PFIs receiving dedicated credit lines under the Programme;
o of which: 5 new PFIs included under the Programme;
• At least 5 new PFIs receiving technical assistance under the Programme;
• EUR 60 000 000 of finance made available by PFI to women-lend MSME under the Programme;
• 3,000 sub-loans disbursed to women-led MSMEs by PFIs;
• At least 264 women-led MSMEs will benefit from bespoke advisory services provided to them based on their needs and strategic priorities, which will generate benefits that will be measured one year after completion.
• At least 750 women benefiting from training and mentoring activities
• At least 950 women benefitting from networking, awareness-raising, and outreach activities.

Карта проекта
Приоритетное направление:
Business, Eastern Partnership, Jobs, Local development, Women
Страны Восточного партнерства:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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Дата окончания проекта:
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