PGG III: Partnership for Good Governance (Phase III 2023-2027)

The Partnership for Good Governance (PGG) is a regional programme, aimed at supporting the alignment of national legislation and practice with European standards, according to the individual needs of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. The PGG III builds on the achievements of two previous programme phases in the field of justice reform, fight against corruption, combating discrimination and violence against women. Country-specific interventions are complemented by regional actions in the Programme priority areas. All actions are based on the Council of Europe distinct expertise to enable stakeholders to reach the organisation’s standards in the areas of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. PGG III planning also took into account Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia’s goals related to their EU candidate status (for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova) and European perspective (for Georgia).

The PGG will also continue supporting Armenia and Azerbaijan and is also foreseen to support co-operation with Belarusian democratic forces and civil society.

The PGG III supports the effective implementation of domestic reforms through complementary actions such as legal advice (including legal opinions provided under the QRM), capacity building and awareness-raising activities to reinforce national institutions capacities and increase public awareness of the PGG goals and benefits for citizens.
Конкретні цілі
The overall objective of the Programme is to contribute to strengthened rule of law in the EaP countries.

Specifically, the Programme aims to:

- Strengthen the rule of law and reinforce the judiciary.
- Counter economic crime.
- Promote gender equality and non-discrimination and protect the rights of vulnerable groups and women.
- Provide legal advice by the Venice Commission and other Council of Europe bodies linked to priority related reforms through the Quick Response Mechanism.

PGG activities include:

- Legal expertise
- Expert assistance and support
- Policy guidance and advisory tools
- Capacity building
- Mentoring and coaching
- Institution building through support to processes of institutional change
- Awareness raising
- Publications of reports and comparative data on achievements of the Programme objectives.

Очікувані результати
1. Increase the alignment of the EaP countries’ national legislation and practice with European standards in the PGG III priority areas of strengthening justice, countering economic crime, promoting equality and non-discrimination and advancing women’s access to justice and combating violence against women.
2. Improve regional co-operation allowing for shared knowledge, enhanced exchange of information and good practices and deepened networks.
3. Provide needs-based legal advice to priority reforms, in line with European and international standards through the Quick Response Mechanism available for partner countries.
4. Enhance the capacity of national stakeholders and civil society organisations to promote human rights and gender equality and combat discrimination and violence against women.
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Пріоритетний напрям:
Anti-corruption, Eastern Partnership, Good government, Human rights, Justice, Women
Країни Східного партнерства:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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