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Consolidation of the Justice System in Armenia

The Armenian Government has frequently restated its commitment to democratic values and rule of law, highlighting the need of genuine judicial and legal reforms. Armenia’s commitment to the CEPA has additionally strengthened the political endeavour in improving the justice sector.
The overall objective of this project is to enhance the quality of justice. Through the project, the justice system will be improved to meet the quality requirements of independence, efficiency, integrity, accountability and transparency in line with the priorities of CEPA and EU best practices.
The action will have a positive impact on the quality of administered justice. With comprehensive legislation, strengthened capacities and fully functional, citizen-oriented infrastructures the quality of justice will be improved, offering better protection of rights and public interests. This in its turn will contribute to public trust and increased confidence in the system.
Конкретні цілі
The first Specific Objective is to update and implement the Strategy of Judicial and Legal Reform 2019-2024 and corresponding action plans in line with international standards and EU best practices on quality justice. It will be implemented through a two-pronged approach focusing (1) on supporting the MoJ and SJC in the ongoing judiciary reform process and (2) addressing the doctrine-cum-practice-related issues in legislation and jurisdiction including improving Administrative and Civil Justice.
The second Specific Objective is focused on strengthening judicial integrity and professional capacities of justice sector actors including non-judicial personnel and will be implemented through support to the ethics framework, a wide range of training programmes, curriculum development and other relevant measures․
Finally, the third Specific Objective encompasses the establishment of a comprehensive system of court assessment and performance evaluation. It will embrace the process of monitoring, analysing and using organisational performance data on a regular and continuous basis for the purposes of improving organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

Очікувані результати
The expected results include:
 The Strategy of Judicial and Legal Reforms is being updated and implemented in line with EU standards and best practices;
 Functional judiciary meeting the standards of independence, efficiency, integrity, accountability and transparency;
 Strengthened integrity and capacity of judges, motivated and skilled judicial personnel;
 A comprehensive system of court assessment and performance evaluation, empowered stakeholders capable to identify the ways of improvement of performances and judicial services and implement them.

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EU project page
EU project page
EU project page
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