Trust, a guarantee of happiness?
December 8, 2021

Trust, a guarantee of happiness?

How many of you believe that the majority of society would use you rather than treat you fairly? – asked the lecturer, provoking our thoughts and engaging us in the discussion. We learned that answer to this question varies depending on in which country you ask the question. If in Norway and Switzerland 60% of responders believed that they would have been treated fairly, in Georgia, only 9% answered it similarly. As it turns out, distrust is one of the greatest challenges Georgian society is currently facing.

Trust in a digital era. How do rapidly developing technologies we are so connected to fit into this picture? Well, I can say that it does not do any good to our current situation, if not make it worse. My first reaction to every new story, photo, and post is a thought, if it is true or not, if a person or an organization behind it is trustworthy. So, if we trusted each other more, trusted our entourage, superiors, business, government, media even a little more, would it be easier to lead happy lives? Probably. However, as good as it may sound, it is out of reach, and let us hope it is only temporary. 

Philosopher Giga Zedania also explored how questions are modified to evaluate what values we have and how these studies are part of a bigger picture. Examples were fascinating. The professor made me think about which group within our society I belonged to when both have different values- self-expression and self-preservation. It is a little ironic how both words start with ’’self’’, which makes me think that in some way all the actions are selfish. Anyhow, as it was defined, for people who value self-expression, it matters how they live, whereas, for the other part of the society concentrated on self-preservation, it is not as important. During the discussion, we also mentioned how the first group is mostly composed of youth, and the second one with already settled, experienced people, ‘’adults’’. I consider myself to be a part of the first one, whose idealistic beliefs will result in changes for the better. Some might argue that I am still young and inexperienced. Then, all I, everyone can do is try our best not to lose this youthful spirit within.

Trust, a guarantee of happiness?
Photo credit: EuroClub Kvareli

The lecture on the topic of ‘’Distrust; The main problem of civil space in Georgia’’ marked the tenth meeting of ‘’Activism Movie Club’’, a project implemented by EuroClub Kvareli, a youth organization founded with the support of the EU Neighbours East project in 2019 in Kvareli. The project includes weekly movie screenings and thematic discussions between invited speakers and participants, allowing the audience to dive deep into each concept. As this project has come to an end, we all look forward to new, engaging, and interesting events EuroClub Kvareli has in store.

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