The importance of Euroclub Kvareli – 2 years of reaching Europe by Ilia’s route
December 17, 2021

The importance of Euroclub Kvareli – 2 years of reaching Europe by Ilia’s route

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

Margaret Mead

Do you wonder what was happening in Georgia on 11 November? Are you interested in which event brought the EU-officials and the Young European Ambassadors together? If your answer is YES, time has come to hear one more success story by Euroclub Kvareli. On November 11 Georgian YEAs’ family celebrated 2 years anniversary of reaching Europe by Ilia’s route on the merit of Euroclub Kvareli. This hub has done so much in 2 years that many associations and organizations have been struggling to achieve for years. “…All based around and thought around European values. It has been a smashing success…”, says the Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia, H.E. Carl Hartzell.  Euroclub Kvareli and Nika Gurini (the founder of the Euroclub) are great examples of how one passionate young European can create a small European space out of one empty room. According to Nika -,,a room  where from the very beginning it was difficult to even find a chair to offer to the ambassador”.  It is a great example of how one can put European Spirit and color to the pale walls and transform one habitual room of the school into the sparkle, hope and centre where the European  development of the region starts.

It is a story which grabbed the attention of the European society and let the EU officials talk about it a lot. According to the French Ambassador to Georgia H.E. Diego Colas: “This club has been doing a lot to make Georgia genuinely transformed into a European country”.   

You may be wondering what on earth could attract the attention to Kvareli?! Despite having been the birthplace of Georgian Poet Ilia Chavchavadze who fought for the independence of the country, or having been the center of Georgia’s winemaking history, Kvareli’s never had the chance of receiving global recognition from diplomats, businessmen, and mainly from the youth of Georgia. In order to answer the question, we need to dig into the basics of humanity- humans. One boy from the city decided to set up a club and make changes in his city, that’s how the idea of Euroclub was born in 2019, then with the help of the European Union and Georgian youth the club finally saw the light. Since then, hundreds of meetings were arranged, dozens of EU diplomats visited the club, thus visiting the city, which isn’t beneficial only for kids living in Kvareli, but is crucial for the whole region of Kakheti, and even for the whole world, since everything we do is contagious, even much more contagious than Covid 19 :)) Nika has influenced hundreds of young people in Georgia including us, the participants of the 2nd anniversary of the Euroclub and authors of the blog. When we see that ordinary people can make changes, that makes us believe in ourselves and in our potential as changemakers, who will lead Georgia and the world in the very near future, but before achieving our goals we need to establish our name in our focus fields.

Unfortunately, one can hardly find their respective place in the modern world without knowing English, at least on a basic level. Limited access to information and education, lower salaries, vulnerability to disinformation, and many more are a few things named from the consequences of not knowing the most widely spoken language in the world-English. Georgia itself isn’t pampered with the high percentages of English-speaking population, which has many objective reasons. The soviet past and the constant instability after the collapse and the disintegration of the empire created inadequate conditions for older people to learn English, but time changes, thus generations follow. Nika Gurini is a perfect example of Georgia’s European and progressive youth. He acknowledged the importance of learning English for older people, therefore, established Free English Language Classes exclusively modified for older people, who live in Kvareli and who want to turn their city and region into a better place. Why are the free English language classes that important?! The answer is actually VERY simple- trying to share your knowledge and help others to become better versions of themselves, to make them learn something new and become more modernized are the actions which not only should but must be appreciated and respected. We as the rest of the Young European Ambassadors value Nika’s work and are ready to help him with what we have.

In conclusion, it is without a doubt that EuroClub Kvareli has put significant effort into enlightening Georgian society while sharing European values and is still continuing to do so. The 2-years anniversary was indeed a reminder that hard work always pays off and nothing done in favour of the community’s wellbeing ever goes to waste.

Young European Ambassadors support and appreciate the commitment of EuroClub Kvareli and are ready to help with everything in our power. We are more than happy and honoured to have been part of such a fascinating and engaging activity and are convinced that there is much more to look forward to. Meeting the Ambassadors of different countries, joining multicultural activities, gaining information about various diplomatic issues around the world and making new connections – this is just a small part of the exciting journey of being a Young European Ambassador. We can reassure you there are many more interesting events planned in the future fostering youth participation and we will try our best to prove that we are #StrongerTogether.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to EuroClub Kvareli!

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