The “Ambassador Cocktail”: communication, deliberation and courage
May 13, 2022

The “Ambassador Cocktail”: communication, deliberation and courage

The question that haunts most potential YEAs is, “What is required to achieve productivity in my field?”

Well, to answer that question, let’s pretend that your “ambassador” activity is not an activity, but a “cocktail” whose ingredients determine your level of productivity. I’ll give you some personal ingredients from my own experience.

So, my social activity started exactly a year ago. I was invited to an interview by a state organisation. Subconsciously, priorities, standards and prerogatives began to appear intuitively and systematically, with the increase in duties and their types, and the qualities I developed, which, in turn, brought productivity to a level I could never have imagined. For the most part, the basis of responsibility was based on the principle of “positivity and sociability”. So, the first ingredient of the “Ambassador cocktail” is communication. Obviously, in order to make up a dialogue with the person in front of you, it is important to have this card up your sleeve. If you find it difficult to break the self-expression barrier, my advice to you is to first define your interests. It sounds jaded, but trust me, it works. Find an interlocutor who matches your interests. You will significantly boost your level of communication for further demonstration at various events in the role of moderator or speaker.

Let’s go on.

I have had the privilege of hosting numerous conferences as a team leader. Often something could go wrong because of the human factor. During such force majeure, the main thing is not to lose control of the situation. Otherwise, team members may question their abilities. Obviously, to get your hands on it and prevent it, you should analyse and calculate your actions a few steps ahead (for improvement of this skill, I advise you to pay attention to the books on sociology and critical thinking). So, the second ingredient of the “Ambassador cocktail ”is deliberation.

In analysing everything that’s been and is going on, people that I’ve met at all sorts of different occasions, especially people between the ages of 13 and 23, I’ve noticed one thing about their secret of success. Everyone, absolutely all of them, cherished their chances as if they were the last ones. They did not miss an opportunity to participate in any event, were not shy about a five-minute conversation with a celebrity or a figure of authority. They were enthusiasts, running ahead of time. They were motivated by triumph, they had no sense of shyness. Eventually, we arrive at the consensus that the final ingredient of the “Ambassador cocktail”must be courage.

Congratulations, your “Ambassador cocktail” is ready. All the above is a fundamental brochure, whose advice will help you not only in becoming a successful YEA, but also throughout life. Follow them and conquer the peaks. Become not just a “Young European Ambassador”, but an unforgettable “Young European Ambassador”!

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