Human libraries and how to organise the perfect event: reflections on a YEA meet-up in Warsaw
May 27, 2024

Human libraries and how to organise the perfect event: reflections on a YEA meet-up in Warsaw

Author: Belarusian YEA

Greetings, fellow young enthusiasts of cross-border dialogue and collaboration! I am eager to share the insights from our recent Young European Ambassadors meet-up in Warsaw, Poland, held on 20 April. Set right after the European Forum for Young Leaders, our meet-up served as a dynamic hub for exchange of ideas and building lasting connections across borders.

The day kicked off with an inspiring review of our collective achievements during the past few months since the beginning of 2024. From the range of engaging events and mentorship sessions to the number of people reached by our initiatives, it was heartening to see the impact we’ve made in fostering understanding and cooperation. Moreover, we discussed our plans for the rest of the year, being filled with excitement over upcoming events, summer activities, and the fresh perspectives from the new cohort of  YEAs. In the spirit of collaboration, Working Groups and Dialogue Initiatives were discussed and admired for their huge efforts, while the YEAvsDisinfo initiative stood tall in combating misinformation. 

The first activity (excluding some fun ice-breakers) was the Human Library. The Human Library segment was a highlight, where Young European Ambassadors from different backgrounds shared their experiences with others, serving as sources of inspiration for one another. They had a chance to speak about their own personal experiences of organising events and activities in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Poland. Furthermore, they shared some advice and tips on how to organise perfect online and local events, and how to connect chapters through common activities. 

After a few coffee breaks and a delicious lunch, the second half of the day started with us improving our digital skills through social media training. Creating content, understanding our audience and improving storytelling techniques – all of these were the topics of discussion, where we sharpened our skills to better amplify our message. The training ended with an exciting task, where we had a chance to try creating interesting and fun content. Even though not all of us were very into social media, we managed to leave our comfort zones to learn something new and just have some fun creating stories for Instagram! 

A brainstorming session followed, fuelling our creativity as we started the work on a Workshop Catalogue, being full of ideas for local events, impactful campaigns (such as the YEAs Magazine, Newsletter, Open Call and Ozzy in the EU/UK), and cross-chapter collaborations. We finished the session with a vibrant presentation of our collective works, each idea infused with the passion and dedication of our network.

As the day drew to a close, we had a time of reflections, emphasising the importance of our shared mission. Through collaboration, we’ve not only laid the groundwork for impactful initiatives but also strengthened the bonds that carry our network. Stronger together, we are united in our commitment to building a brighter future for all.

To sum up, the EU/UK & BY Meet-up was not merely a gathering but a demonstration of the power of youth-led initiatives in shaping a more connected and inclusive world. We will continue to initiate a dialogue, foster understanding, and forge meaningful connections across borders. After all, our strength lies in our unity, and together, we are truly unstoppable.

Until next time, keep shining bright!

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