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Kamran Aliyev

Kamran is a student of Business Administration at the Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze (Prague University of Economics and Business), focusing on social and economic issues. For the past 2 years, he has played the role of representative as a university ambassador, acquiring excellent multilingual and intercultural communication skills. His experiences as an international student in EU countries helped him to understand the EU values and the importance of cultural relativity more thoroughly. He is looking to work towards a world where equal opportunities can be given to everyone, regardless of...

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Pari Abbasli

Pari is a journalist based in Prague known for her work as a podcast host, art and journalism blogger. She has been featured in media platforms such as “Əkinçi” (Akinchi), Femmekan, Trilogy News, Facemark, Çağdaşçılar (Chaghdashchilar) and has contributed to the Radio of Baku State University. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Journalism, Media, and Globalization at Aarhus University and the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Denmark, as well as at Charles University in Czech Republic, as an Erasmus Mundus scholarship recipient. Pari is not only passionate about...

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Anastasiia Vlasenko

Anastasiia is a student at the Faculty of International and Diplomatic Studies of the Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze (Prague University of Economics and Business). She has been awarded a Boris Nemtsov and Zimin Foundation scholarship for Ukrainian students to study in Prague. Anastasiia excels in communication and collaboration having honed these skills through her involvement in Model United Nations Prague. She is a good communicator and team player and is fluent in English, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, and German. She is also involved in a non-profit organisation where she remotely...

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Vladyslav Storozhenko

Vladyslav is a fourth-yеar studеnt at Національний університет “Одеська юридична академія” (National University “Odessa Law Academy”), whеrе hе is studying Intеrnational Lеgal Rеlations. Additionally, hе is a sophomore at Charlеs Univеrsity, where he is focusing on political sciеncе and intеrnational rеlations. His passion for raising awarеnеss of еvеnts in Ukrainе lеd him to writе his own comics about thе country. Moreover, Vladyslav is currently an intеrn at thе Intеrnational Organization for Migration in Praguе, whеrе hе increases awarеnеss of challenges facing Ukrainian...

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Iryna Neroda

Iryna is presently pursuing a degree in Business Economics at the Університет “Київська школа економіки” (University “Kyiv School of Economics”). Fluent in four languages, her multicultural background significantly enriches her academic pursuits. Iryna’s resolute passion for global politics, business development, and media communication has been a driving force behind her active participation in Erasmus+ initiatives. In her role as a Young European Ambassador, she is committed to upholding values that promote international understanding and foster cooperation....

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Oleksandra Izotova

Sasha is nearing completion of a degree in International Law at Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого (National Law University named after Yaroslav the Wise). With a diverse background in participating in numerous Erasmus+ programs across Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, and other locations, Sasha actively shares her international experiences with Ukrainian teenagers displaced by war and seeking protection in the Czech Republic. Her volunteer work at the NGO ‘Stella’ aligns with EU principles and aims to foster international collaboration by facilitating Ukrainian...

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Nino Charkviani

Nino studies International Relations at Tbilisi State University and is currently on an exchange semester at Univerzita Karlova v Praze (Charles University in Prague). Winning the Georgian Literary Trivia show in 2019 brought her the opportunity to study at a summer school in Cambridge, UK. Beyond academics, Nino has been an enthusiastic volunteer since 2017, collaborating with various non-governamental organisations – participating in or implementing certain projects on her own. As a Young European Ambassador, Nino is determined to bring positive change to her community by promoting...

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Jules Bigot

Currently on Erasmus exchange in Prague for his third year of a Bachelor degree, Jules studies at Sciences Po Paris and specialises in the European Union and Central and Eastern Europe. Having grown up in a very European environment in Brussels, Jules has always been driven by the desire to meet new people and discuss European affairs. Jules continues to follow his political passion through involvement in various EU-related initiatives such as This Time I’m Voting, JEF Europe, Le Taurillon, Europe Direct and now the Young European Ambassadors’ initiative.

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