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Welcome! Your trip to Riga and Prague will consist of meeting many interesting people whose work has EU relevance and local influencers. You will be doing fun sightseeing and getting to know EU projects that are making a difference. During your entire trip you will have the chance to participate in the #StarQuest challenge where you will have to tackle 12 different quests in order to win prizes. More information will be provided in the dedicated Whatsapp groups. There will be two Whatsapp groups used: one for logistics and the other for the #StarQuest only. Don’t miss either! If you need any help or assistance at any point during the trip, contact our team, see all the contact details below. We hope you have fun!


Your travel has been booked by our travel agent, and you can find your tickets in your email box.

You will be accommodated in the Pullman Riga Old Town hotel in Latvia. The address is Jēkaba iela 24, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1050.

In Czechia, you will be accommodated in the Ibis Praha Old Town. The address is Na Poříčí 5, Prague, 110 00 Petrská čtvrť.


Shuttle buses are organised for airport transfers and you will have a bus taking you to locations that are not walking distance.

There will be relevant information circulated in the logistics Whatsapp group.


LATVIA, RIGA, 16-18.06

  • SUNDAY, 16.06:
    During the day
    (Last flight in 17:45)
    Arrival to Riga and check in to the hotelPullman Riga Old Town,
    Jekaba street 24
    16:00Meeting EU NEIGHBOURS EAST team at the hotel for picking up your PR box and allowance

    Conference room “Appaloosa”
    Pullman Riga Old Town,
    Jēkaba iela 24

    18:00 – 19:00Introduction and briefing by the team and group photoConference room “Appaloosa”
    Pullman Riga Old Town,
    Jēkaba iela 24
    Free evening
  • MONDAY, 17.06:
    08:45Meeting at the hotel lobbyPullman Riga Old Town,
    Jēkaba iela 24
    09:30 – 10:30Meet the Head of the European Commission Representation in Latvia, Ms Zane Petre for coffeeThe European Union House in Riga,
    Aspazijas bulvāris 28, ground floor
    10:30 – 11:30City walk to the State Chancellery and time for doing questsState Chancellery,
    36 Brīvības Boulevard
    11:30 – 13:00Meet the Head of Strategic Communication at the State Chancellery, Mr Rihards Bambals and consultant and influencer working in the same team, Ms Monta ZaumaneState Chancellery,
    36 Brīvības Boulevard
    From 13:30Free time for their lunch and to go by the hotel, recommendation to visit and eat at BurzmaBurzma food hall,
    Audēju street 16
    15:30 – 16:30Presentation & QA with a legal adviser to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and influencer, Ms Patricia VavilovaConference room “Appaloosa”
    Pullman Riga Old Town,
    Jēkaba iela 24
     16:30Leave together from the hotel for the boat tour
    17:00 – 18:00Private boat tour with Riga sightseeing hosted by Ms Patricia VavilovaDeparture from Bastejkalna Park
    18:30 – 21:00Dinner and drinks at the
    Andrejostas Kvartals (Paid dinner)
    AOK City restaurant,
    Stabu iela 30
    From 21:00Bus will take you back to the hotel
  • TUESDAY, 18.06:
    09:00Meet at the hotel lobbyPullman Riga Old Town,
    Jēkaba iela 24
    9:45Arrival at Riga Technical UniversityRiga Technical University,
    6A Kipsalas Street
    10:00 – 12:00Visit to Riga Technical University:

    Meet with RTU Rector, Mr Tālis Juhna (or Innovation Vice-Rector Liene Briede), students from Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Latvia

    Digital twin (meta verse) – get to know preservation of Ukrainian churches with virtual glasses (Professor M. Kalinka with a team of students)

    RTU student design technology project exhibition, meeting with authors

    Meet former luge driver (bronze medalist at the Olympic Games), engineer-mechanic Mr Mārtiņš Rubenis and sledging in the KUKA robot simulator
    Riga Technical University,
    6A Kipsalas Street
    12:00 – 13:30Lunch available at the RTU canteen and after lunch take the bus to the Riga Central MarketRiga Technical University,
    6A Kipsalas Street
    14:00 – 15:30Riga Central Market tour with 3 Pavari celebrity chef, Mr Mārtiņš SirmaisRiga Central Market fish pavilion from the Daugava side,
    Nēģu iela 7
    Free time for dinner, recommendation to go to Tallinas ielas kvartāls or to Ala Pagrabs

    Tallinas ielas kvartāls,
    Tallinas iela 10

    Ala Pagrabs,
    Peldu iela 19


  • WEDNESDAY, 19.06:
    09:30Hotel pick up – three shuttle transfersPullman Riga Old Town,
    Jēkaba iela 24
    12:55 – 13:45Flight to Prague
    14:30Bus to the hotelMeeting point at the airport to be determined BUSCOMPANY.CZ
    From 15:00Arrival and check in to the hotelibis Praha Old Town,
    Na Poříčí 5
    17:00 – 18:00City tour of PragueMeeting point at ibis Praha Old Town,
    Na Poříčí 5
    Free evening
  • THURSDAY, 20.06:
    09:00Meet at the hotel lobby and walk to the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republicibis Praha Old Town,
    Na Poříčí 5
    09:30 – 10:30Meet with Team Leader for Media at the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic, Mr Václav LebedaEC Representation in the Czech Republic,
    Národní třída 10
    10:30 – 12:00Meet the representatives of the major fact-checking platform, Ms Rozárie Haškovcová and Mr Petr GongalaEC Representation in the Czech Republic,
    Národní třída 10
    From 12:30Free time for lunch and to go to hotel, recommendation to go to Letná Beer Gardens for drinks
    18:00 – 21:00Dinner with the Special Representative for the Eastern Partnership at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr David Stulík and Ms Dita Lagarde from the Ministry’s Stratcom (Paid dinner)Restaurace Hybernská,
    Dlážděná 1003/7
  • FRIDAY, 21.06:
    08:45Meet at the hotel lobbyibis Praha Old Town,
    Na Poříčí 5
    09:00Bus leaving for the Motol University Hospital (MUH)Motol University Hospital,
    V Úvalu 84
    09:35 – 09:50Welcome by MUH Deputy Director, Ms Jana Bašeová, the Head of Strategic Development, Mr Martin Zavadil and the Head of Security and Crisis Management, Mr Michal Kotalík, movie projection and refreshmentsMotol University Hospital,
    V Úvalu 84
    09:50 – 10:05Presentation of the CZECH RECOVERY PLAN projectsMotol University Hospital,
    V Úvalu 84
    10:10 – 10:40Visit of the hospital heliportMotol University Hospital,
    V Úvalu 84
    From 11:00Return to the hotel by bus, followed by free time for lunch and your own activities Motol University Hospital,
    V Úvalu 84
    18:00 – 21:00Farewell dinner (Paid dinner)Cervenyj Elen,
    Hybernska 5, 110 00, Praha 1
  • SATURDAY, 22.06:
    07:301st shuttle to the airport (3 people)ibis Praha Old Town,
    Na Poříčí 5
    09:302nd shuttle to the airportibis Praha Old Town,
    Na Poříčí 5
    14:003rd shuttle to the airportibis Praha Old Town,
    Na Poříčí 5


Campaign website is available in all languages HY, AZ, KA, RO, UK, RU

Please always tag @euneighbourseast on Instagram while posting content.

The hashtags to use:
#ShapeYourFuture is the main hashtag of the campaign
#StarQuest is a secondary hashtag
#EUOpportunities can be used whenever the post is about opportunities (like promoting the campaign page)
#EUEnlargement can be used whenever the post is about EU enlargement
#StrongerTogether is the @euneighbourseast slogan and umbrella hashtag for all content


Sim card and local data

You should be able to buy a PrePaid card in the airport, choosing between Zelta Zivtina, Bite or LMT in Riga. You will also be able to buy a PrePaid card in Prague among the three main mobile phone providers: T-mobile, O2 Telefonica or Vodafone.

You can also buy an e-sim before getting to the country. Here is more information on what is an e-sim.

Public transport in Riga

In Riga, public transport services are provided by buses, trams, trolley-buses and minibusses. Riga public transportation works from around 5 a.m. every morning and up until shortly before midnight. Tickets cost 1,50 EUR for 90 minutes and can be purchased at Narvesen outlets, stops or online. You can download this app to always find the right way with the bus or tram.

Public transport in Prague

Prague has an extensive public transport network operated by Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy. A ticket permits travel on the Prague Metro, trams and buses for a set period of time: 30 minutes (30 CZK), 90 minutes (40 CZK), 24 hours (120 CZK) or 72 hours (330 CZ). They also allow unlimited switching between transport modes. You can purchase tickets from the orange ticket machines inside trams and buses, at metro stations, and at major tram and bus stops. You can also buy them from a Public Transport Information Centre.


IMPORTANT: Please keep all your invoices and the boarding passes. The lunches and dinners which are not organised by the programme will have to be covered with the pocket money, an amount you will receive in cash and euros on the spot.

What to prepare in advance:

  • Boarding pass(es)
  • Invoice for insurance (if applicable)
  • Other invoices for transport (if applicable)

In addition to the reimbursement of the expenses, you will receive an amount to cover your meals and expenses during your stay.


For any administrative or logistical questions ask or call Cristina in Latvia ([email protected]), phone number +34605409094 or Edua in Czechia ([email protected]), phone number +32490165046.

If you need information on anything else, you will have several EU NEIGHBOURS EAST team members travelling with you at all times. Here are their contact details:

Kato OTARASHVILI, +995 595330590

Olena MALYNOVSKA, +32488945672

Janis RUNGULIS, +32 473523485

Arpine HAKHINYAN, +374 94741133


17 June

Meet the Head of the European Commission Representation in Latvia, Ms Zane Petre for coffee

The European Union Commission’s Representations in the Member States countries perform various functions, including connecting with national, regional and local authorities, organising visits of the President and the Commissioners, providing the Commission with political information and analysis, maintaining media relations and communicating to local audiences. They act like EU embassies on the ground. You will be meeting the Ambassador who will brief you about EU’s relations with Latvia. Instagram account of the EC representation and X account of the Ambassador.

Meet the Head of Strategic Communication at the State Chancellery, Mr Rihards Bambals and consultant and influencer working in the same team, Ms Monta Zaumane.

The Latvian State Chancellery is the centre of the government of Latvia – it is a set of institutions with a task to ensure the work of the government and to provide the Prime Minister and the government with data and research-based information. The State Chancellery is headed by its director, who is a top-rank official appointed by the Cabinet order and upon recommendation of the Prime Minister. The State Chancellery comprises the Prime Minister’s Office, departments, divisions and individual units set up by the Director of the State Chancellery. It ensures effective functioning of the government. The Strategic Communication Coordination Department also sits with the State Chancellery developing ways of addressing hostile disinformation as well as planning and integrating the activities of the state into a coherent communicative narrative. You will be meeting the director of the department, Mr Rihards Bambals and a social media influencer on security topics, Ms Monta Zaumane who is an analyst there.

Meet Ms Patricia Vavilova

She is a legal advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an Instagram enthusiast. She will be talking about her as an influencer as well as guiding you through Riga on the boat tour.

18 June


Riga Technical University (RTU) is the recognised Latvian leader on the global frontier of higher education. For more than 160 years, the people of RTU have pushed the boundaries of knowledge and dared to dream. RTU alumni include Nobel Laureates, Olympians, presidents, scientific pioneers, entrepreneurs, and leading-edge researchers. Founded in 1862, RTU is the oldest technical university in the Baltic states with 61 study programmes in English that offer world-class education in many high-demand career fields, including computer sciences, mechanical engineering, electronics, and material science. RTU on Instagram and on TikTok.

  • You will get to know the digital twin (meta verse) that deals with the preservation of Ukrainian churches with virtual glasses, introduced byProfessor M. Kalinka with a team of students.
  • You will see the RTU student design technology project exhibition and meet with the authors.
  • You will also meet former luge driver (bronze medalist at the Olympic Games), engineer-mechanic Mr Mārtiņš Rubenis. Martins was appointed as coach of the Latvian national luge team, and additionally uses his skills as a mechanical engineer to design sledges for the team, having already made his own sledges whilst competing. Rubenis is a musician and DJ.
  • You will get to see (maybe experience) sledging in the Kuka robot simulator.

Next will be the Riga Central Market tour

With a local celebrity chef, restaurateur, and author who works at the restaurant 3 Chefs, Mr Mārtiņš Sirmais.

Mārtiņš has an insatiable curiosity about the origin of food and the ambition to get to know not only local, but also world dishes up close. It culminated in delicious and vivid stories about both the cuisine and the people associated with it.Mārtiņš will introduce his favourite seasonal products and farmers who have the best price and product quality, as well as reveal what to pay attention to when buying fish, meat or vegetables. Mārtiņš is an expert and could walk through the Riga Central Market with his eyes closed, so we want you to get to know the largest market in Northern Europe and its five huge pavilions through the perspective of a chef

20 June

Meet with the Team Leader for Media at the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic, Mr Václav Lebeda

This is the ‘EU embassy’ in the Czech Republic and you will be meeting the head of communications who will talk about EU-Czechia relations how they work with influencers. For example, they recently did a campaign together with the author of DG Meme. Here is the EC representation on Instagram

Right after that, you will be meeting a major fact-checking platform in the Czech Republic, and the representatives Ms Rozárie Haškovcová and Mr Petr Gongala. Rozarie is a media and PR professional, influencer and eco-activist.

Demagogue. cz is a unique Czech project in the Czech Republic that focuses on verifying the statements of politicians, disinformation and other false content on social networks. Their activity therefore consists primarily in pointing out false and manipulative expressions that distort the public space. As part of the analyses, the project evaluates only the factual statements/declarations of politicians, which it subjects to examination. Simply put – Demagogue tries to point out if and when specifically Czech politicians are telling the truth, or on the contrary they are deceiving the public. is a non-profit and volunteer association of people, it is not connected to any political entity and in its activities it proceeds according to a clearly publicly available methodology with an emphasis on the standards of journalistic work.

Next on the programme is dinner with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives: Special Representative for the Eastern Partnership Mr David Stulík and Strategic Communications Officer Ms Dita Lagarde. David Stulik was a Press Officer in the EU Delegation in Ukraine for 12 years.

The Eastern Partnership is the European Union’s policy for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus – and its main objective is to create conditions for political and economic integration between the EU and the six partner countries. Coordination of this policy has long been a priority of Czech foreign policy, especially in the light of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, which brought about a fundamental change in the EU’s Eastern policy, including the prospect of EU membership for some of these countries

21 June

Visit to the hospital

Motol University Hospital is the biggest healthcare facility in Czechia and a leading centre of medical research and testing. The capacity is 2,410 beds, more than 5000 employees and 860,000 outpatient care clients and more than 70,000 in-patients a year. Motol University Hospital is composed of three units – a children’s hospital, an adult unit and a unit for long-term illnesses. The hospital provides health care primarily for the residents of the capital city of Prague, but the catchment area is the whole Central Bohemia Region in a number of medical fields, the hospital serves the entire Czech Republic in many fields in children’s treatment and some branches are unique in Europe (e.g. children’s dentistry and cardio-centre). Faculty Hospital Motol disposes of a rooftop helipad that enables fast transportation of critically-ill patients and organs for transplant surgeries. Motol Hospital is the first hospital in Czechia which upgraded the helipad by implementing the European Satellite-Based Augmentation System landing procedure, allowing helicopters to land safely even under bad weather conditions. The hospital has benefitted from a number of EU-funded projects, in particular as regards education of healthcare professionals , medical research and modernisation of equipment of the traumatology centre, comprehensive oncology centre, children’s cardio-centre and others. You will have the chance to see the helipad yourself. Here is the hospital’s Instagram account.

Interested in the latest news and opportunities?

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