Вакансия научного сотрудника в Европейском директорате по качеству лекарственных средств и здравоохранению (Совет Европы)
28 февраля, 2017

Вакансия научного сотрудника в Европейском директорате по качеству лекарственных средств и здравоохранению (Совет Европы)

Job mission

Under the authority of the Director of the EDQM, the Head of Division and the Head of the Dispatching Section, the incumbent shall provide professional scientific assistance in logistics in accordance with procedures, guidelines and priorities with a concern for quality, efficiency, and accuracy and in compliance with the Council of Europe’s values and regulations.

* External recruitment procedure organised in accordance with Article 15B of the Regulations on Appointments

Key activities

The incumbent performs the following key duties:

– co-ordinates and supervises the team responsible for basic data and guarantees that data are reliable and accurate:

  • creates and manages data on materials, batches and substances in the “Items” database in the SAP IT system as well as “Material” records in 4D;
  • determines the conditions for dispatching samples and reference standards according to international transport regulations:
    • IATA: International Air Transport Association,
    • ADR: European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road,
    • IMDG: International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code;
  • participates in the management of safety data sheets (SDS);
  • ensures consistency between 4D and SAP as regards databases on samples and standards;
  • updates the on-line catalogue of EDQM reference standards.

– co-ordinates and supervises the team responsible for receiving samples and consumables, and guarantees that data are reliable and accurate:

  • evaluates dossiers on the receipt of samples and defines the initial levels of handling precautions and the storage conditions for these samples;
  • manages stocks of samples and zones allocated for storage;
  • processes sample requests.

– provides administrative management of controlled substances.

– answers users’ technical questions on EDQM reference standards via the Helpdesk. 

– contributes to compliance with the requirements of the quality system by maintaining up-to-date quality documents on sample management and making sure that the persons concerned are properly trained. 

Please note that the incumbent may be required to perform other duties not listed in the vacancy notice.

Eligibility Requirements

Only applicants who best meet the following criteria will be considered for shortlisting.


  •  An appropriate higher education or qualified degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, toxicology).


  • At least two years’ professional experience as a manager of product data including information on transport of dangerous goods and regulatory labelling of chemical and biological products with a least one year of experience in warehouse logistics.

Language requirements: 

  • Very good knowledge of one of the official languages (English or French) and good knowledge of the other.


  • Nationality of one of the 47 Council of Europe member states.


  • Under 65 years of age at the closing date of the vacancy notice.



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