Учебный курс: «Конфликт против налаживания отношений: практический тренинг для молодых миротворцев»
3 марта, 2017

Учебный курс: «Конфликт против налаживания отношений: практический тренинг для молодых миротворцев»

The training course “Conflict vs. Connection: A Practical Training for Young Peace-builders” will take place in Yerevan, Armenia between April 10 – 17, 2017. It will involve 36 youth workers from the European Union Member States (Germany, Cyprus,  Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Poland) and Neighbouring Partner Countries (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Turkey). 

The course will be focusing on diversity, conflict transformation and emphatic communication. Seeing diversity as a barrier instead of appreciating its enrichment has been playing a substantial role in both the national and international debates and politics in each of the participating countries for decades. 

The transformation of the conflicts starts from us: our hearts being in war or in peace, our  way of communication. When we grow in peace with ourselves, we can continue to bring the transformation to our surroundings: our interpersonal relations, the way we connect and relate to our families, friends, acquaintances, strangers, communities. All these topics will be brought to attention in the TC.

Getting a better understanding in how we, people, function and what gets us together and keeps us walking the same direction is crucial for youth workers and peace builders of today. This will be done by promoting non-violent approaches leading to actions on peace-building and promotion of Human Rights. Moreover, young leaders will discuss the significant role of youth participation in grass-root peace-building initiatives.

The objectives of the Training Course are the following:

  • To develop awareness about personal concepts and believes one has about conflict and habitual ways to react to the conflict;
  • To identify effective methods that help to prevent and/or transform conflict through fostering non-violent communication;
  • To gain knowledge on key concepts, such as conflict management, conflict transformation, conflict resolution, inner belief systems and non-violent communication;
  • To gain tools for non-violent communication and conflict transformation;
  • To exchange best practices in relation to youth work and conflict, inter-religious and cultural dialogue;
  • To help participants reflect on the competence needed for using different tools to develop dialogue;
  • To raise awareness of risk factors under which conflicts tend to arise;
  • To facilitate networking between participants;
  • To raise the visibility of the Erasmus+ program as a tool for development.

Requested trainer profile

All applicants should:

  • Have a good understanding of conflict management, non-violent communication, inner belief systems, peace-building and non-formal education approaches and methodology;
  • Have experience in the main subject of the Training Course;
  • Have experience of working with mixed and international groups of participants;
  • Have experience in the field of non-formal education and working in an international team with international team of participants;
  • Be motivated in contributing to the development and implementation of the Training Course according to the initial goals of the Training Course;
  • Be able to work in English languages;
  • Be available to be in Armenia from 10 to 17 of April, 2017 and join at least 3 preliminary preparatory meetings online. 

Working conditions

All travel, the visa (if a visa is required) board and lodging costs are covered 100% by the organizers, given the strict observance of the rules for travel reimbursement and presentation of all relevant invoices.

APY offers a trainer’s fee of 100 EUR per day of work and covers all the costs related to the project, including travel, food, training materials and accommodation.

Team composition

The selected trainer will join a team which is composed of 1 Senior Trainer and 1 Junior Trainer. In total the trainers team will be composed of 3 trainers. The work of the trainers team will be supported by an experienced coordination team. 

Application & selection procedure

Apply no later than: 10/03/2017
How to apply:

Apply no later than: 10th March 2017 23:00 (CET)

How to apply:

If you are interested in this offer and you want to be a member of the team in a Training Course, please send us your CV and a brief Motivation Letter to hr@apy.am

You will be informed about the selection by 13th March 2017. Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted.

You will be informed about the selection by: 13/03/2017

For more information

Grigori Yeritsyan, Executive Director
Phone: +37491 596235
Email: grigoryeritsyan@apy.am



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