Летняя школа: “Национальные меньшинства и приграничные регионы” в Фленсбурге, Германия
11 февраля, 2017

Летняя школа: “Национальные меньшинства и приграничные регионы” в Фленсбурге, Германия

The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) will hold the seventh annual Summer School on National Minorities and Border Regions (NMBR) between 9 and 16 September 2017. For the seventh consecutive time, academics and practitioners from the ECMI and partner organizations will gather in the heart of the Danish-German border region to deliver lectures and seminars, to share their expertise and exchange views and ideas with a group of international participants.



2017 is the German-Georgian Friendship Year, recognizing and celebrating the close political, economic and cultural ties that the two countries enjoy. The history of exchange and interaction between Georgia and Germany extends as far back as the history of the German minority in Georgia, to when Swabian farmers settled there two centuries ago.

As part of this Friendship Year, the European Centre for Minority Issues is bringing together academics, experts and practitioners from both Germany and Georgia in the German-Danish border region for the ECMI 2017 Summer School. Participants will gain a foundational academic perspective on the situations of minorities in both Georgia and the German-Danish border region, and will discuss and exchange experiences and practices of minority rights protection and recognition.


The lectures and workshops will be hosted by the Danish Central Library in Flensburg. The library was founded in 1891 and is located in the heart of Flensburg’s old town. Due to the border shifting throughout history, the city of Flensburg was and is a “city of two cultures”. The coexistence of the German and Danish minorities on both sides of the border is considered to be one of the most successful models for minority protection throughout and beyond Europe and its border regions.

As part of the research cooperation between the Danish Library in Flensburg and the ECMI, the library facility also hosts the ECMI Library, a specialized collection of over 3000 academic publications and books on minority issues.


By focusing on practice-based solutions and the development of new ideas, the ECMI 2017 Summer School aims to equip participants with the means to build a toolbox of resources that can be used to address the needs of communities and strengthen minority participation in a range of fields.

Gathering participants from Georgia, Germany and beyond, the summer course will aim at inter- disciplinary and inter-regional knowledge transfer between lecturers (experienced practitioners and academics) and participants (the new generation of scholars and practitioners), as well as among participants themselves.


The Summer School will include 3 elements: preparatory e-learning (online preparation for the course one month prior to arrival), residential and alumni. The seven day long diverse, interdisciplinary and intensive residential element of the course will balance academic, interactive and social activities and will include:

  • A keynote speech delivered by a prominent scholar, academic lectures and practitioners’ seminars

  • Interactive workshops conducted by trained professionals and discussion sessions

  • Presentations of the Summer School participants and group work

  • Social events planned for six evenings

  • Meetings and networking with local politicians, minority representatives, and youth groups

  • The diploma ceremony at Flensburg City Hall hosted by the Chairperson of the Flensburg City Council (Stadtpräsidentin), Ms. Swetlana Krätzschmar


The participants will include 20 junior scholars, researchers or practitioners of following professional background:

  • Students from relevant fields of study (MA and PhD students).
  •  Practitioners from the public sector, NGOs, and media (internationally and especially from conflict sensitive areas)

Applicants are required to submit a completed online application form (available on the ECMI homepage) which includes questions on general information (contact details, affiliation, practical and logistical information).

To finalize the submission of an application, applicants must also submit their detailed CV and a Letter of Motivation via email to [email protected]

Please note:

  • The letter of motivation should explain the reason for the applicant’s interest in participating in the course, and how they will utilize and benefit from this experience in the future

  • The application will not be considered for the selection process unless the required documents will be submitted via email.

  • The selection will be made on the basis of academic and professional achievements, as well as expressed interest in the topic. Diversity in terms of professional background and country of origin will be encouraged.


The tuition fee for the ECMI Summer School 2017 is EUR 250 and includes:

  • Access to all three components of the Summer School 2017 (E-learning, Training, Alumni Network)

  • All reading materials before and during the Summer School

  • Lunch and light refreshments for the six days of the Summer School, as well as dinner on two days

  • Participation in all additional Summer School activities (film screenings, social activities).

  • Support with bureaucratic matters during your visa application (if needed). Please note that visa fees will not be reimbursed.

The ECMI is currently negotiating scholarships to cover the tuition fee with the State Chancellory in Schleswig-Holstein for participants from Georgia and the Caucasus region. Travel costs, as well as visa and health insurance costs will not be reimbursed.

The ECMI is working on getting financial aid to support all participants fully or partially. You will be informed on relevant funding possibilities. At the same time, we recommend you apply for financial opportunities from your government, scholarship programs and sending institutions.


Caitlin Boulter
ECMI Project Assistant
Co-organizer of the ECMI Summer School 2017

Tamari Bulia
ECMI Communications and Outreach Coordinator Co-organizer of the ECMI Summer School 2017

Email: [email protected] Web: http://www.ecmi.de




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