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Support to reform in the Waste Management sector

The European Union along with the Government of Georgia takes measures to improve environmental conditions, promote environmental governance and introduce the best international practices in the country.

In the waste management sector, the EU supported Georgia to create a legislative and political framework, to strengthen capabilities at both central and local levels and increase public awareness, which will subsequently lead to the re-use of resources and recycling of waste. The EU continues to assist Georgia in the field of waste management.

The aim of the project is to support circular economy, waste prevention, reuse, recovery and recycling. It also introduces the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a policy approach under which producers are given a significant responsibility – financial and/or physical – for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products. EPR is a new concept for Georgia and its introduction requires relevant legal framework and adequate awareness of the public and private sector.

The project:
- Improves waste management practices in the municipalities, supports with creation of waste management action plans and set objectives in the waste management system (extended producer responsibility, hazardous waste, etc.)
- Helps relevant agencies to introduce the extended producer responsibility system and assist stakeholders in practical application of the system.
- Creates a National Integrated Waste Management System – an electronic registry system to register producers and individual schemes.
- Helps Georgia fulfill international obligations in the field of waste management and reduce the risks concerning the environment and human health.
Конкретные цели
To assist Georgia to further develop its waste management system, considering the requirements of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and best international practices.
Ожидаемые результаты
- Analyzed mountainous areas in respect of waste management.
- National support scheme developed, discussed and accepted by the beneficiary.
- Guidance document produced.
- Further actions analyzed to complete the EPR scheme.
- Capacity-building needs of stakeholders identified, and training held on building of the EPR enforcement structures.
- National integrated waste data management system (IWDMS) designed and operational.
EU project page
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture
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EU project page
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Environment & climate change
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