Learning Recovery for Ukraine - testing catch-up approach in Digital Learning Centres

The project focuses on fostering the capacities of teachers and tutors in Digital Learning Centres (DLCs) in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro regions to provide “catch-up” services to local children. A comprehensive concept of catch-up will cover academic gaps in 4 key school subjects (Ukrainian, Mathematics, English, and History of Ukraine) and foster the social life skills of Ukrainian students.
The pilot’s results will be disseminated among the community of Ukrainian educators and other stakeholders to share the first achievements and lessons learned and receive feedback to improve the concept further. When scaling the catch-up concept, the team will conduct open workshops for Ukrainian teachers on every school subject included in the concept. Finally, the tested concept (with all conclusions, lessons learned and best practices) will be presented to the MoES and all stakeholders to be further incorporated into the national catch-up strategy.
Конкретные цели
The overall objective is to help Ukrainian students remedy learning losses brought on by the pandemic and war and to improve their knowledge in key academic subjects.
This includes specific objectives:
foster capacities of teachers and tutors in Digital Learning Centres (DLCs) to provide “catch-up” services to local children;
develop and pilot a concept of catch-up in DLCs that can be replicated and scaled nationally.
Ожидаемые результаты
• Schools and teachers in the target communities will receive a comprehensive concept of catch-up and tailored catch-up programmes for 4 key school subjects (Ukrainian, Math, English and History of Ukraine) in DLC, which they can use in their activities.
• At least 20 communities and 20 schools where digital learning centres (DLCs) have been arranged will be covered by the comprehensive concept of catch-up in DLCs.
• The average level of improvement/catch-up of academic results in 4 subjects: Ukrainian language, Math, English and Ukrainian History will be improved by at least 25%;
• The concept of catch-up is spreading; all existing DLCs in Ukraine (not only those established by savED but also by other organizations such as UNICEF, Finn Church Aid, People in Need, etc.) will have the opportunity to use the high-quality concept and developed catch-up programmes for 4 subjects, thus,
will provide tested and trusted curriculum and approach to the organization of catch-up learning.
• The MoES will receive the developed concept of catch-up and the Manual for unlimited and unrestricted use in educational institutions throughout Ukraine.
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