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Sustainable Actions for Economic Growth through Tourism

With European Union support, the project focuses on sustainable economic and social development, depending on the specific needs and resources, with an emphasis on improving the tourist infrastructure and capitalizing on the local natural, historical and cultural heritage. Thus, a set of integrated tourist products will be created, competitive at the regional level, corresponding to the available tourist resources and positioning this field in the main economic priorities of the district.
The project's aim is the sustainable economic development and the creation of a positive image of Ungheni region as a tourist destination.
Конкретные цели
- Developing touristic activities contributing to the increase of the number of tourists, as well as Ungheni city and district
- Stimulating tourism development in an integrated and sustainable manner enabling the creation of touristic networks and
joint promotion of cultural patrimony and the development of proper tourism instruments.
- Creating a suitable communication and cooperation frame and promoting the partnerships among the main actors, from
the public and private sector, essentially involved in the development of the touristic field.
Ожидаемые результаты
- One market survey regarding touristic and cultural offers and destinations, meant to identify business opportunities in touristic and cultural fields in order to determine strategic priorities for this field.
- Workshops for capitalisation of local handicrafts aiming to create a friendly and useful environment for developing entrepreneurship activities coming from traditional products.
- One database of local and regional craftsmen created and made available.
- Cycles of masterclasses for broad public spreading traditions and culture of the region.
- Cycles of tour visits for national journalists and tourist operators from twin cities having the goal to promote regional tourism at the international level.
- One local cluster of touristic promotors created and association to a similar cross-border cluster positioning the region as a cross-border touristic attraction.
- Summer camps with participants from twin cities carried out, increasing Ungheni image on the international level.
- Exhibition of pictures realized in photovoice organized raising tourists' interest for the region.
- One web-based digital infrastructure of virtual Tourist Information Centre created, supporting tourists in searching appropriate destinations and accessing touristic packages.
- Information traffic signs with QR codes installed, contributing to a better information of touristic destinations and promotion of cultural heritage.
- One integrated system for events procured and installed creating conditions to organize events meeting international standards.
- One TIC constructed and equipped to improve the quality of services provided to tourists.
- Project brand elaborated and applied, making the action recognisable.
- Information and promotion materials elaborated and disseminated, increasing the level of information of the large public about the touristic destinations and offers.
- Ungheni becomes a region of high interest for internal and international tourists by means of one promotion movie.
- Promotion of regional traditional products within 2 fairs.

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EU project page
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