Azerbaijan Rapid Technical Assistance Facility (AZTAF)

The Azerbaijan Rapid Technical Assistance Facility (AZTAF) is funded by the European Union (EU) as part of the Partnership Priorities Facility under the EU’s Multiannual Action Program 2019-2020. It will be administered by the World Bank during 2022-2025 and provide advisory support to the Government of Azerbaijan (GoA), aiming at strengthening SOE and public sector governance, spurring economic reforms, enhancing social inclusion and connectivity, and facilitating an effective COVID-19 recovery. Programmatic and targeted technical assistance activities financed by the AZTAF are defined under four pillars to meet the EU’s four Partnership Priorities of Stronger Governance, Stronger Economy, Stronger Connectivity and Resilience, Stronger Society. The AZTAF program responds to the five National Priorities for the Azerbaijan – Vision 2030. The Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan is the leading counterpart for the AZTAF program.
Конкретные цели
to assist the GoA in strengthening the corporate governance of SOEs, enhancing their accountability and resilience to shocks, and informing GoA’s reform processes and decision-making;
to support the GoA’s effort in enhancing the integrity and accountability of public administration, enhance transparency, efficiency and value for money of public procurement through assessment of the strategic procurement system and e-government procurement (e-GP) readiness;
to help the GoA establish a national framework for water security;
to support innovation in the government’s rural and local economic development strategy and programs;
to support the development of high-speed digital connectivity, and its use to support digital inclusion and digital competitiveness in Azerbaijan;
to support enhanced energy efficiency-enabling environment, improved legal and institutional framework and to identify appropriate funding mechanisms to promote EE programs and scale up EE applications;
to help address gender-based occupational segregation in the labor market by encouraging females to enter in male-dominated fields of education and employment;
to support building essential skills among women run small and micro entrepreneurs in rural areas to start, diversify, and/or scale-up their business activities and to engage in digital platforms;
to support improving the disability assessment system and related disability policies in Azerbaijan;
Ожидаемые результаты
• Enhanced capacity to implement reforms on SOE corporate governance
• Improved Strategic procurement system, e-procurement
• Better water resource planning, water security and water management
• Piloting of smart village approaches in targeted rural and small-town clusters
• Rural broadband expansion and affordability of broadband services nationwide
• Shared international good practices, legal approaches, and standards for data protection, privacy, and cybersecurity
• Improved regulatory and institutional framework for EE interventions
• Reduced barriers to women employment
• Increased women entrepreneurship in rural areas
• Strengthened disability assessment system

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