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Addressing Gender-biased Sex Selection and Related Harmful Practices in South Caucasus

The Global Programme to Address Son Preference and Gender-biased Sex Selection is the largest multi-country programme supported by the European Union, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and the United Nations Fund Population Fund (UNFPA) to end the practice of GBSS.

In the South Caucasus region, the programme is implemented by UNFPA in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in collaboration with governments, academic and research institutions, service providers, civil society and communities. Programme interventions are geared towards expanding the overall knowledge about drivers and consequences of GBSS, and addressing social norms that discriminate women and attribute a lower value to daughters.

By enhancing the overall value of women and girls in the society, through gender transformative results, the programme contributes to the global achievement of SDG5.
Конкретные цели
- To enhance the inherent value of girls.
- To improve sex-ratio at birth in selected countries.
Ожидаемые результаты
- Coordination and oversight management strengthened.
- Explored the contextual realities that underlie sex selection and its interconnectedness with other harmful practices.
- Indicators for tracking change and the impact of interventions developed and used.
- Improved social and cultural patterns of behavior that are based on the idea of the valuing of girl.
- Multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral national and regional capacity for advocacy, development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes to address sex selection are strengthened.

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EU project page
Video from Mingechevir - Training SFSD - NAYORA
Video from the training in Lankaran SFSD (NAYORA)
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Motion video "Listen to the sound of your heart" - promoting the value of a girl child, Endorphin
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PSA video "Tired Super Father" - NAYORA
Video from Festival SFSD NAYORA - Mingechevir
Video from the Festival SFSD NAYORA - Lankaran
Motion video "Listen to your heart" - promoting the value of a girl child, Endorphin - ENG
Video from Family Festival
Video on paternal leave - Intl Fathers' Day
Video on Paternal leave - İntl Fathers' Day (ENG)
Video from the Fathers' Camp - Intl Fathers' Day
Video on promotion of equal value of boys and girls - Ministry of Education
Messages from stakeholders - Promotion of the value of a girl child
Messages from stakeholders - Promotion of the value of a girl child - Eng subtitles and packshot
Blogger speaks of Georgian-Armenian platform Gandzi
Video from Youth Camp in Mingechevir (Promotion of a value of a girl child)
PSA video for social media - girls empowerment
This video is part of a series introducing bloggers of Georgian-Armenian online platform Gandzi and local activists to wider audience
Приоритетное направление:
Партнерство, которое защищает, Партнерство, которое расширяет возможности
Верховенство права и права человека, Инклюзивность
Права человека, Женщины
Страны Восточного партнерства:
Армения, Азербайджан, Грузия
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Финансирование ЕС в евро:
€2 000 000
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