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Local Civil Society Contributes to Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Development in Moldova

With the financial support of the European Union and co-financing from Sweden, the East Europe Foundation in partnership with the European Business Association and the "Contact" Center implements the project "Local Civil Society Contributes to the Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Development of the Country". The 40-month project aims to contribute to the economic development of the Republic of Moldova through the active involvement of civil society and other stakeholders, taking into account the provisions of the Association Agreement with the European Union, which includes the Deep Free Trade Area and Comprehensive.
Within this initiative will be developed three civil society platforms to promote more inclusive policies in the areas of business and employment, trade and social entrepreneurship. The project will support 10 entrepreneurship funds that will provide technical and financial assistance for the economic activities of young people outside the education, training and employment system (NEET), will fund 10 consortia of civil society organizations that will develop and provide inclusive employment services for vulnerable groups.

The project will provide funding for the creation and development of 15 social enterprises that will integrate vulnerable people into the labor market and will fund 6 regional business support centers.
Конкретные цели
Vulnerable men and women are empowered, access sustainable economic opportunities, reap the benefits provided by the AA/DCFTA and are better prepared to manage economic risks (such as COVID-19 pandemic) through active civil society engagement.
Ожидаемые результаты
The joint efforts of the implementing partners and CSOs will be focused on achieving specific results, such as:
- at least 25 policy proposals will be developed and presented to the relevant authorities and supported by CSOs;
- at least 15 sustainable social enterprises developed with the support of the project;
- at least 10 CSO consortia created, which implement joint initiatives aimed at facilitating the learning and employment of vulnerable groups;
- consolidated capacities of 6 business support centers in the development of the value chain of SMEs in the region;
- at least 200 SMEs supported by business support centers;
- at least 10 youth entrepreneurship funds provide support for business creation and development for at least 60 youth-run enterprises;
- at least 20 local companies ensure the quality of their own products, access financing and manage to export to the EU.
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EU project page
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