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Regional Project on fighting drugs and organised crime (EU-ACT)

The EU-ACT aims at building capacities to increase regional and trans-regional law enforcement cooperation and coordination in the fight against organised crime and trafficking activities along the heroin route, as well as supporting the development of drugs policy and drug demand reduction activities.
Конкретные цели
The overall objective is:
- To contribute to the prevention and effective fight against organised crime, including the illicit trafficking in drugs, along the so-called “Heroin Route”.
The specific objective is:
- To reinforce the due process-compliant capacities of countries along the different variants of the so-called "Heroin Route" from/to Afghanistan to better address drug-related organised crime and build meaningful trust and networking amongst them that will enable them to cooperate (trans-) regionally.
Ожидаемые результаты
Component 1: Capacity building for strengthened due-process compliant National Policy and Operational Responses (NAPOR): To respond to a concrete need for hands-on practical training primarily for law enforcement and intelligence officers, investigators and prosecutors, promoting case integrity by strengthened application of due process and compliance with international law and human rights law. This is implemented in FIVE Key countries (Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Pakistan and Tanzania).

Component 2: Elaboration, set up and implementation of the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF). It will enable short-term transfer of knowledge, practices and experience to support partner countries and (regional) organisations in improving different aspects of their drug policies and response in a holistic manner both regarding drug-supply and drug-demand reduction aspects as well as relevant cross-cutting issues, corresponding to their national and/or institutional priorities and needs. This is implemented, on demand, in the same regions as the Key countries.

Component 3: Identification and implementation of Cooperation Initiatives (COPI). Involves the implementation of small-scaled (trans-)regional co-operation initiatives, which can be linked to both NAPOR & TAF, or be delivered as separate “stand-alone” events. This component aims to lay the grounds and to support operational trans-regional cooperation, i.e. real operations.
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EU project page
Приоритетное направление:
Partnership that protects
Security & conflict response
Страны Восточного партнерства:
Georgia, Ukraine
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