Support to Environmental Protection and fight against Climate Change in Georgia

The project supports Georgia with meeting its environment and climate change requirements under its Association Agreement and Agenda with the EU. Areas covered include (i) reduction of ambient air pollution, (ii) controlling of industrial pollution, (iii) identifying zones in the country that are vulnerable to pollution of their ground and surface waters by nitrates that originate from agricultural activities, (iv) reaching climate neutrality in the construction and agricultural sectors, (v) developing sustainable forest management, (vi) supporting the development of sustainable aquaculture, (vii) raising awareness among the population about environmental protection and climate change, and (viii) building further capacities on environmental economics.
Obiectivul specific
Overall objective:
The overall objective of the project is to assist the government of Georgia to deepen its integration with the European Union in line with the priorities set out in the Association Agreement and in the Association Agenda.

Specific objectives:
The specific objectives of the project are to support the implementation of the environmental and climate provisions of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement with a focus on:
- Reducing air and water pollution to better protect the environment and reduce the negative impacts on the health of the population;
- Supporting the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and other institutions in the creation of synergies between strengthened productivity of forestry, aquaculture, private sector (industry and agriculture) and environmental health through legal approximation for the control of uncontrolled activities which will create an optimisation of resource use and reduce environmental externalities, as well as through the support to identification and implementation of best practices;
- Supporting awareness raising and change behaviour in the field of climate change and environmental protection, as well as reinforce analytical capacities in the sector of environment.
Rezultatele așteptate
The project distinguishes three Result areas, each sub-divided in a number of results, as follows:

RESULT AREA: Public health, climate change and environment are strengthened through reduced air and water pollution

Result 1 – Public health is strengthened through the reduction of air pollution (Component 1)
Result 2 – Emissions from industrial production are reduced through application of best available techniques (Component 2)
Result 3 – Nitrate pollution of water bodies is reduced below boundary values (Component 3)

RESULT AREA: Synergies between productivity and environmental integrity are created and strengthened

Result 4 – A concept and detailed policies and steps to reach climate neutrality in the construction and the agricultural sector to support NDC implementation is developed (Component 4)
Result 5 – Sustainable forest management in the Emerald Network with a focus on beech habitats is implemented (Component 5)
Result 6 – A guiding document on how to support sustainable aquaculture is prepared (Component 6)

RESULT AREA: Awareness raising and support to change behaviour in climate change and environmental protection, and reinforcement of analytical capacities in the sector of environment

Result 7 – Population more aware of climate change and the need to protect the environment, and ready to take an active role in this process (Component 7)
Result 8 – Capacities on environmental economics in all sectors are built (Component 8)

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