Akaki Balanchivadze

  • Country of origin: Georgia
  • Current residence: Georgia, Tbilisi
Akaki is a first-year International Relations student at Tbilisi State University. He chose the path of social and political sciences because he has always been interested in the ever-changing interaction of states and non-governmental organizations, particularly in politics and economics. Akaki actively edits Wikipedia to raise awareness of the conditions that the heritage sites in occupied territories and other parts of Georgia are in. He also helps young students at school to become editors and enrich Wikipedia. Akaki is learning Mandarin Chinese, as he thinks that the only way to make peace in the world is to form relationships with people all around the globe. He believes that the Y…

Tatia Injgia

  • Country of origin: Georgia
  • Current residence: Gori
Tatia Injgia, an eleventh-grade student, lives in Gori, Georgia. She is a socially active young person and has experience working as a volunteer journalist and manager of many organizations. She has participated in mock court trials, and her writing was included in a book.

Karolina Rybchanivska

  • Country of origin: Ukraine
  • Current residence: Khorol, Ukraine
Karolina Rybchanivska is a high school student. She is experienced in volunteering and project management. Her passions are philosophy, history, geography, languages, journalism, politics, and diplomacy. Karolina is an author of more than five projects and more than 20 articles. Moreover, she is involved in a lot of different activities which improve her skills and community. Her achievements are valuable and important.

Kristof Van den Branden

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: France, Paris
Kristof holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography and is currently getting a Joint Master Degree in Sustainable Territorial Development. With roots in Eastern Europe and two Erasmus experiences, an interest in all cultures does not have to be proven. As a YEA, he wants to use his experience in various voluntary organizations to improve the future of the EU and its neighbours.

Paulius Jakubčionis

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: Lithuania, Vilnius
Paulius is a high school student from Lithuania. For the third year in a row, Paulius is actively involved in social and civic activities. Working on communication, youth policy, and youth affairs, international affairs is not new to Paulius. Leadership, communication, and perseverance are the added value that helps Paulius do his job best.

Nicole Rikert

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: Dresden, Germany
Nicole Rikert is currently studying International Relations in her third Bachelor’s year in Dresden. She speaks fluently German, English, French and Russian, and likes it to talk to people in their native language if possible. She is interested in the countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Because she thinks that connecting young, motivated people, exchanging different ideas from different perspectives, and building up strong and long-lasting relationships beyond national boundaries is the best way to contribute to a peaceful, optimistic, and brighter future to all of us, she joined the YEAs initiative. That’s why she wants to bring young people from UK, EU and EUs East…

Rose Antonia Dahl

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: Germany, Hamburg
Rose Dahl is an international student of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme from Germany. She is currently involved in several activities, such as guiding international exchange students through their programmes, participating in Model United Nations Conferences and volunteering as a journalist for a local newspaper.

Roman Birun

  • Country of origin: Belarus
  • Current residence: Belarus, Minsk
Roman Birun is currently studying International Law and European Union law at European Humanities University and Intercultural Communication at Minsk State Linguistic University. He spent more than a year and a half at AIESEC (first as OGX Team Manager and later as MC Manager). Roma desires to contribute to improving the lives of people in the society and to draw people’s attention to such important things as the environment, human rights and many others.

Justin Treutlein

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: Germany, Giessen
Justin Treutlein is a young professional working in the mobility research while finishing his Master in Economic Geography, Mobility and Spatial Development Policy (M.Sc.). In 2015, he voluntarily started working as a youth ambassador for an NGO trying to raise awareness of and fight against extreme poverty and women’s rights around the globe. Moreover, since 2017, he has been a Young European Professional (YEP) multiplicator bringing the EU and its policies into schools. During his Bachelor studies in Governance and Public Policy, he focused on the EU and the EaP. Therefore, he did research and published papers on the EU relations with Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Tanguy Martignolles

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: Estonia, Tartu
After having studied political science for three years at Sciences Po Lyon (France), Tanguy is a current Erasmus Mundus Master’s candidate in Central & East European, Russian & Eurasian Studies at the Universities of Tartu and Glasgow. During his studies, Tanguy had the opportunity to do an exchange semester at the Higher School of Economics of Moscow (online due to the Covid-19 pandemic) and to complete an Erasmus exchange at the University of Vilnius in Lithuania. In parallel, Tanguy has carried out several internships and volunteer work as a cultural mediation assistant, editor for an online newspaper, and project coordinator in France and Ukraine. Tanguy’s favourite research …

Ambroise Lescop

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: France, Rezé
Ambroise Lescop is a graduate with two Master’s degrees in political sciences and international relationships. Since secondary school, he has been following a binational curriculum, obtaining a German and a French baccalaureate. He afterwards studied at the Universities of Bordeaux (France) and Stuttgart (Germany). Passionate about languages, he attended different language classes. His other interests include history, geography, and international relationships. Because of family roots, Ambroise is particularly interested in the politics, culture, and history of Central and Eastern Europe. Ambroise is now planning on writing a PhD thesis.

Bilyana Yadkova

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: Germany, Heidelberg
Bilyana Yadkova is a last-year student of a double Bachelor’s degree in East and Middle East European Studies and Political Studies at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Currently, she is writing her bachelor’s thesis about terrorism and the second war in Chechnya. Bilyana is extremely interested in the EU and EU Policies but also in Western-Eastern Europe relations. In 2021, she took part in a prestigious Simulation of the EU – Model European Union Strasbourg where she had a chance to see how the EU and its institutions work and also to make a lot of connections and friendships.

Maral Kaplan

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: Belgium, Brussels
Maral Kaplan holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in International Relations. She is currently enrolled in the specialized master’s degree programme in European Studies at the ULB.She is also volunteering as an editor at Eyes on Europe and is involved as a Youth Ambassador with the NGO ONE which is fighting against extreme poverty and inequalities. As Maral is passionate about the EU and its external relations, she took part in MEUS 2021 (Model European Union Strasbourg), in a study visit to Washington D.C. focusing on EU-US relations, as well as in the summer school programme of HSE University Saint-Petersburg on EU-Russia relations. Moreover, for Maral, …

Viktoryia Andrukovich

  • Country of origin: EU
  • Current residence: Lithuania, Vilnius
Viktoryia Andrukovich holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from Vytautas Magnus University. She is a Belarusian human rights and political activist. She has extensive experience working in human rights organizations and Belarusian NGOs promoting democracy, liberty, and justice. She worked at ZUBR – a platform for monitoring the electoral process, helped victims of violence after August 2020 events, documented cases of tortures and human rights violations in the framework of her work in the Committee of Investigation of Tortures, as well as actively participated in the protest movement. She currently works for several Belarusian organizations in exile.

Dziana Kapusta

  • Country of origin: Belarus
  • Current residence: Belarus, Minsk
Dziana Kapusta studied Geography at the Belarusian State University and Management at the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture. She is now applying for a master’s degree. Meanwhile, she works as a Learning and Development Specialist and helps deploy and implement education programs for companies in the private sector. Outside of this area, she is also interested in topics such as climate change and design and participates in debates and cultural events related to these areas. She also actively participates in volunteering activities and gives drawing lessons for children. She is interested in developing peer education and believes that exactly this type of education is a key t…


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Այս կայքը կառավարվում է 2020-2024թթ. համար Եվրամիության կողմից ֆինանսավորվող Արևելյան հարևանության տարածաշրջանային հաղորդակցության ծրագրի («ԵՄ արևելյան հարևաններ») կողմից: Ծրագիրը լրացնում և աջակցում է գործընկեր երկրներում ԵՄ պատվիրակությունների հաղորդակցական գործունեությանն ու աշխատում է Եվրոպական հանձնաժողովի Հարևանության քաղաքականության և ընդլայնման բանակցությունների գլխավոր տնօրինության ու ԵՄ արտաքին գործողությունների ծառայության ղեկավարության ներքո: Ծրագիրն իրականացնում է B&S Europe-ի գլխավորած կոնսորցիումը:

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