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Trust, a guarantee of happiness?

How many of you believe that the majority of society would use you rather than treat you fairly? – asked the lecturer, provoking our thoughts and engaging us in the discussion. We learned that answer to this question varies depending on in which country you ask the question. If in Norway and Switzerland 60% of responders believed that they would have been treated fairly, in Georgia, only 9% answered it similarly. As it turns out, distrust is one of the greatest challenges Georgian society is currently facing. Trust in a digital era. How do rapidly developing technologies we are so...

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Olha Kaplun

My name is Olha, I want to be engaged in social entrepreneurship. The issues of gender inequality, ageism, sexism and racial discrimination have always worried me, and right now I feel that I can contribute to society in a useful way. My goal is to create a media resource and use it to help people who face gender inequality, ageism, sexism, bullying, abuse, homophobia or discrimination due to mental or physical disabilities. I want to gather like-minded people and collaborate with them on this. I have already gathered interviews with people who have suffered discrimination and have things to...

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Vitalii Pcholkin

At the age of 19, I suffered a serious injury that forced me to see life from a different perspective – from a wheelchair. It took me years to learn to take care of myself and to start my own family. At the start of the war in 2014, I used my experiences to create InvaFishki – a project that changes the quality of life of people with disabilities. Subsequently, the information platform began to generate numerous requests for goods that either did not exist in Ukraine or did not exist at all. This was what inspired me to create a social enterprise for the supply and production of assistive devices...

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Daria Lysunets

Our oceans are polluted, the number of animals is getting smaller and smaller, and the elderly are living out their lives in terrible conditions. This is all humans’ fault. But we can fix it! We mustn’t ignore these problems, because the future is in our hands! Personally, I try to help society in various ways. I join charities, help the poor and teach children English and German. I think that education, and young people’s desire for change, will help us to overcome our challenges and advance towards a bright future!

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Constantin Cearanovski

I represent Eco Life For You Ltd. Our mission is to make a profit and integrate people that have been affected by HIV into the workplace and society. We aim at tackling some of the problems caused by addiction by both providing vital services, and creating jobs for former inmates and preparing them for the labour market. We are a social enterprise launched by a non-profit organisation, inspired and run by people, or representatives of people, who have been affected by these issues. The business concept is based around organic farming. Among other things, we offer: • dairy products; •...

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Doina Ababei

My name is Doina Ababei and I am the mother of two boys: Marcu and Luca. I like to participate in conservation activities and believe we should recycle all the resources on the planet. I consider ecological action, including a vegan lifestyle, to be particularly important.

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Kyrylo Chikiryakin

My name is Kyrylo. I have been implementing social projects in waste management on a volunteer basis for four years. We want to continue implementing social projects. We are specialists in this field and understand the pain and problems of the city. Therefore, I believe social entrepreneurship is essential for creating a sustainable model of team functioning and developing similar projects. It was the reason for creating the concept of a public waste sorting station. The station is an opportunity for city residents to sort waste, bring it to the station, and receive gifts and points for it....

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Svetlana Rusu

For many years I have gained extended experience working for various local and foreign companies or state-owned companies in the following areas: economic, human resources, PR. I have worked many years at the Public Association Regional Development Agency (PA RDA) “Habitat” as a business management consultant and trainer. After the implementation of the project “We are all alike” funded by the East-European Fund, in 2015, we founded  ”Habitat Eco-Social” SRL, where I work as an Administrator until today. 

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