VACCINATION SAVES LIVES - Supporting the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines and routine vaccination systems in the Eastern Partnership

The project aims to help countries prepare for the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines, plan for and implement vaccination campaigns, and facilitate and monitor COVID-19 vaccination uptake. It complements ongoing and forthcoming work through global and regional solidarity initiatives, such as the WHO co-led COVAX Facility and the EU vaccine-sharing mechanism, to ensure access to vaccines in these countries.

The project addresses logistical planning and coordination efforts, risk communication and community engagement activities, training of healthcare workers involved in vaccination campaigns, and support for vaccine supply chain management. This is followed by support for effective vaccination data collection and vaccine roll-out safety monitoring, all of which contribute to an overall strengthening of routine immunization systems.
Канкрэтная мэта
- National COVID-19 vaccine deployment plans are updated and include strategies to reach target populations.
- Vaccine service modalities and information campaigns promote vaccine equity by including vulnerable populations with targeted outreach vaccination activities.
- Essential supplies to safely deliver vaccines are procured to build a strong cold chain system, which ensures the potency of vaccines from manufacturer to the moment of administration.
- Health workers are trained on communicating about vaccines, handling and administering COVID-19 and routine vaccines and vaccine characteristics.
- IT capacity and information management systems are scaled up for effective data monitoring and evaluation.
Чаканыя вынікі
1. Countries have been enabled to rapidly and safely deploy COVID-19 vaccines, reaching everyone, everywhere with life-saving vaccines.
2. The longer-term resilience of routine immunization systems is strengthened and countries are better prepared to manage future vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks and pandemics.
3. Countries have the tools to develop tailored immunization plans, addressing vaccination inequity factors and drivers and barriers of vaccination.
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European Immunization Week 2023
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Партнёрства, якое ідзе зялёным шляхам
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COVID-19, Усходняе партнёрства
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Грузія, Україна, Малдова, Арменія, Азербайджан, Беларусь
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